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Did Cali and Tomas get married?

Since the premiere of the reality show Love in Paradise back in 2020, viewers have been following the love lives of several couples. While some pairs ended up splitting up, others managed to keep their relationship going strong. Fans of the show may remember the couple Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos, who had a heartwarming romance on the show. Since the finale of Love in Paradise, many viewers have been eager to find out if this duo managed to go the distance and get married. In this post, we’ll answer that question and take a closer look at Cali and Tomas’ relationship.

The Journey to the Altar

After meeting on the show, Cali and Tomas quickly hit it off and became a fan-favorite couple. Their infectious chemistry and genuine love for each other made them one of the most memorable pairs on the show. Viewers were ecstatic when they learned that the couple had announced their engagement in November 2021. Cali and Tomas continued to share their journey to the altar on their social media accounts, providing fans with a glimpse into their love story.

The Big Day

This year, Cali and Tomas finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony that took place in June. The couple posted several pictures from their special day, which showed the two of them looking radiant in their wedding outfits. From a stunning wedding dress to the groom’s impeccable suit, everything about their wedding looked picture-perfect.

The Power of Love

Despite the challenges that come with being in a high-pressure reality TV show, Cali and Tomas’ relationship has withstood the test of time. Their love story is a testament to the power of love, which can conquer all obstacles. Over the course of their journey, the couple has been candid about their struggles and how they manage to keep their love alive.

A Happy Ending

As viewers saw on the show, Cali and Tomas were undoubtedly smitten with each other from day one. And now, with their wedding, the couple has officially solidified their love. Their nuptials may be the perfect ending to their love story, but for their fans, it’s only the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.


After months of speculation and anticipation, fans of Love in Paradise can finally exhale a sigh of relief. Yes, Cali and Tomas got married! The couple’s journey to the altar is a testament to the power of love and proves that true love does have a way of working out. The special day they shared is sure to inspire others to believe in love and the idea of finding happiness with another person. Congratulations to Cali and Tomas on their union!


Were Tomas and Cali a match?

Tomas and Cali were participants on the sixth season of the popular reality TV show “Are You the One?” The show featured 11 pairs of contestants who were deemed to be “perfect matches” by a compatibility test prior to filming. The objective of the show was to determine whether the pairs could correctly identify their perfect match and win a cash prize of $1 million.

During their time on the show, Tomas and Cali were paired together and initially thought to be a perfect match. However, as the weeks progressed and the contestants were guided by clues and challenges to determine their perfect match, they found that they were not, in fact, a match.

Despite being scientifically proven to not be a perfect match, Tomas and Cali continued to grow closer throughout the remainder of the show and even developed romantic feelings for each other. Although they didn’t win the grand prize at the end of the season, it was clear that their connection was genuine and they decided to pursue a relationship outside of the show.

Tomas and Cali’s relationship continued to flourish even after the show had ended, with the couple posting pictures together on social media and sharing their love story with fans. While they may not have been a perfect match in terms of the game show’s criteria, they were certainly a match in terms of their compatibility and affection for each other.

Tomas and Cali were declared not to be a perfect match during their season of “Are You the One?” However, their connection was too strong to ignore and they pursued a relationship outside of the show. While they didn’t win the grand prize money, they did find love with each other and their relationship continues to thrive.

Where is Bria from Are You the One?

Bria Hamilton is a reality TV personality who initially rose to fame as a contestant on the MTV dating competition show, Are You the One? Born on September 29, 1996, in Vacaville, California, Bria is a proud American. Her zodiac sign is Libra, which is characterized by diplomacy, charm, and a love of harmony, all of which Hamilton possesses in spades.

As a young woman of African-American descent, Bria has become a role model for many aspiring young women of color who seek to make it in the entertainment industry. Despite facing various challenges, Hamilton has managed to overcome them, and she is now a popular influencer with a significant social media following. Her fans adore her for her down-to-earth nature, stunning looks, and sassy personality that makes her stand out from other reality TV stars.

Since her time on Are You the One?, Bria has continued to be in the public eye, frequently appearing on social media and various other entertainment platforms. Although it is not clear where Hamilton currently resides, it is safe to say that she has captured the hearts of many fans and continues to inspire people all over the world with her talent, charisma, and infectious spirit. Bria Hamilton is a rising star whose star power is only set to grow in the years to come.

Who is Kayla’s perfect match Season 7?

Kayla Umagat participated in the seventh season of the popular MTV dating reality show “Are You The One?” that aired in 2017. The show featured a group of 22 single men and women who were sent to Hawaii to find their “perfect match.” If the entire group could identify their respective perfect match within ten attempts, they could win $1 million.

Throughout the season, Kayla formed connections with several different men, including Joey, Clinton, and Michael, but it wasn’t until later in the season that she formed a strong bond with Moe Elkhalil. Moe and Kayla were drawn to each other due to their shared passion for fitness and their ability to communicate openly and honestly. Despite some initial drama and jealousy from other cast members who wanted to pursue Kayla, Moe and Kayla continued to grow their relationship and work towards being each other’s perfect match.

During the final ceremony, Kayla and Moe were confirmed as a perfect match, thrilling both of them and securing the group’s $1 million prize. The couple continued to date after the show, with Kayla posting frequent pictures of them together on her social media accounts. However, their relationship eventually fizzled out, and they announced their breakup on Instagram in March 2019.

Kayla Umagat’s perfect match on Season 7 of “Are You The One?” was Moe Elkhalil, with whom she formed a strong connection based on shared interests and values. While their relationship didn’t last outside of the show, their successful pairing helped the group to win the grand prize and provided viewers with an entertaining and dramatic season of reality television.