Captivating Costa Rica Wedding Captivating Costa Rica Wedding
RAINY SEASON IN COSTA RICA The rainy season in Costa Rica is from July to early December. As the name suggests, sometimes you can... Captivating Costa Rica Wedding


The rainy season in Costa Rica is from July to early December. As the name suggests, sometimes you can get a bit of rain on your wedding day. For the most part, this isn’t a problem as the getting ready portion of the day and the reception are usually in a covered area. The ceremony and photos afterwards are where you might want to have a back-up rain plan. Often, it’s just a light drizzle and we can use umbrellas and still get amazing photos on the beach (like this wedding). But sometimes it can be a real drencher and it’s impossible to get outside for photos. If this happens we get inventive and get some beautiful and unique photos inside. But for wedding couples who have their hearts set on beach photos that really showcase the beautiful Costa Rican scenery, a Day After Session can really come to the rescue. This is just what we did at Anna and Kirstien’s breathtaking wedding at Villa Punto de Vista.


Anna and Kirstien met as strangers at a bar in East Atlanta. Anna saw Kirstien and in that moment knew she had to meet her. After working up the courage she finally walked over to her and they hit it off over a couple games of thumb wrestling. They’ve been together ever since! After a serendipitous layover in Costa Rica they came across Villa Punto de Vista and were sure that it would be the perfect place for their intimate 19 person celebration. The wedding ceremony was held on the fifth floor of the villa that has a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. That day it ended up raining really hard and fortunately the ceremony area is covered in a way that gives the feeling of being outside but lets you stay out of the rain. A nice detail at the ceremony was that Anna’s father officiated the ceremony. I love when family members officiate because it really give a personal touch to the celebration. The ceremony was unforgettable as both Anna and Kirstien teared up while reading their vows.


After the ceremony we had planned to go to the beach for photos. While emailing in the months before the wedding Anna and Kirstien told me it really mattered to them to get amazing photos at the beach, as well as a handful with greenery in the background. This is because they both love the outdoors and photos like this would fit their personalities perfectly. We were confident that we could get these photos the next day as we had planned on a Day After Session the next morning. So after the ceremony we took advantage of the beautiful spaces in the Villa to get some unique photos.

Another detail that made the wedding so special is that Anna and Kirstien are friends with a phenomenal musician from Atlanta – Melody Kiser. Melody performed during the ceremony and reception and played a special song for the first dance. And it wasn’t your typical slow first dance song. Anna and Kirstien totally rocked it of course!


The following morning we went to Playitas beach for the Day After Session. As expected with all the rain the night before the weather was perfect. Anna and Kirstien brought a pride flag for some photos that all their family and friends had signed the night before. It was the perfect prop that totally gave them something fun to do let them just be their wonderful selves and enjoy the moment together. We ended the session with Anna and Kirstien getting in the water. It was so cool seeing their dresses blend in with the sea foam as the two brides held each other close.