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Can you stay at the Heartland dude ranch?

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the Wild West lifestyle or just looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then our Heartland dude ranch is the perfect destination for you. Wildfire Ranch is a family-owned and operated horse ranch located in the idyllic countryside of Oklahoma. Here we offer week-long retreats with a choice of lifestyle chores to experience during your stay on our horse ranch.

The Heartland Dude Ranch Experience

Our dude ranch experience is unique and offers something for everyone. Whether you want to live on the horse ranch as a cowboy, enjoy the outdoors on horseback, or simply unwind and relax, we have it all. When you arrive, we will show you to your comfortable and spacious private room to rest and store your belongings. Your room will be stocked with fresh linens, towels, and toiletries to make your stay comfortable.

When you’re ready, we invite you to meet our horses. We’ll introduce you to our wranglers who will help you pick the perfect horse for your skill level. If you’re new to horseback riding, don’t worry, our wranglers will provide you with basic riding skills and safety instructions. We also offer equine therapy for guests who are interested in healing through horses.

During your stay at our horse ranch, you will have the opportunity to participate in daily ranch activities, including chores such as feeding animals, mucking stalls, and helping with ranch maintenance. These activities provide a real-life experience of what it takes to run a horse ranch. You will learn about how to care for horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals. You will also get hands-on experience using ranch machinery such as tractors and mowers.

For guests who prefer a more relaxed experience, our ranch is an ideal place to unwind. Spend time reading a book or enjoying the scenic views of the countryside. You can also take a dip in the pool, enjoy a refreshing drink from our saloon, or take part in our outdoor activities such as fishing, archery, and hiking.


We have several lodging options to choose from during your stay on our horse ranch. Our private cabins provide a luxurious and comfortable stay with a private balcony and views of the countryside. Each cabin is furnished with a king-sized bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a fireplace, and a spacious bathroom.

We also have bunkhouse options which provide a more communal experience. These rooms have two to four bunk beds that can accommodate up to eight people. Each bunkhouse has a shared bathroom and kitchen. This option is perfect for families or groups who want to experience ranch-life together.


In conclusion, Wildfire Ranch’s Heartland dude ranch is an ideal destination for anyone looking for an authentic and unique experience of ranch life. From horseback riding to farm chores, our guests get a chance to live and discover what it takes to run a horse ranch. Our accommodations are comfortable, spacious, and provide a real sense of place. So pack your bags and plan your next vacation with us. We look forward to hosting you and sharing our way of life with you!


Who lives in the Heartland ranch?

The Heartland ranch depicted in the popular television series “Heartland” is a private cattle ranch located in Millarville, Alberta, Canada. The ranch is owned by the Foster family, who have been living on and managing the land for generations. The Fosters are a tight-knit family and are known for their love and care for the animals that call the ranch home.

The central character of the show, Amy Fleming, is a member of the Foster family. A talented horse whisperer, Amy has grown up on the ranch and has inherited a deep love and connection to the land. She is known for her compassion and dedication to the animals she works with, and her efforts to heal them often reflect her own journey of healing and growth.

In addition to the Fosters, the ranch is home to a variety of animals, including horses, cattle, dogs, cats, and even a peacock. These animals play an important role in both the storyline of the show and the daily life of the ranch. The Heartland ranch is a place of refuge for these animals, who are treated with kindness and respect and allowed to live their lives free from harm.

The Heartland ranch is a place of family, community, and love. It is a place where people come together to care for the land and the animals that call it home, and where the bonds of friendship and family are strengthened through shared experiences and a shared love of nature.

Where is the Heartland House located?

The Heartland House is a prominent feature of the popular family drama television series, Heartland. The house is the primary residence of the Bartlett-Fleming family, who own the Heartland Ranch where much of the show’s story takes place.

The exterior shots of the Heartland Ranch, including the house, barn, paddock, and jumping area, are all located in and around High River, Alberta. High River is a small town located roughly 50 miles south of Calgary, Canada, and just east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The area surrounding High River is known for its picturesque landscapes, making it the perfect location for filming Heartland’s breathtaking scenery. In fact, many of the show’s iconic shots feature the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

While High River is the primary location for exterior shots used in the show, the interior of the Heartland House is actually filmed on a soundstage in a studio in Calgary. The interior of the Heartland House was specifically designed to match the exterior used in High River, ensuring a seamless transition between the two locations.

In addition to being home to the Heartland Ranch and House, the town of High River is also a popular tourist destination. Fans of the show can visit the various filming locations around town, including the Heartland Ranch itself. High River also offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and horseback riding, further showcasing the natural beauty of the area.

The Heartland House is located in High River, Alberta, roughly 50 miles south of Calgary and just east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. While the exterior is filmed on location in High River, the interior shots are filmed on a soundstage in Calgary. The town of High River itself is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a chance to experience the stunning landscapes and outdoor activities showcased in the Heartland television series.

How much does it cost to stay at Heartland Dude Ranch?

The Heartland Dude Ranch is a popular vacation spot which offers a unique experience of staying in a ranch and enjoying the countryside lifestyle. The cost of staying at the Heartland Dude Ranch depends on the length of stay, number of guests, and type of accommodation chosen.

The ranch offers a package for one guest that includes 6 days and 5 nights stay, along with breakfast provided daily. The cost of this package is $1,450.00. If guests choose to stay for a shorter duration, the cost is $290/night. For two guests, the cost for six days and five nights is $2,100.

If guests prefer to upgrade their stay to the Amish Country Villa, an additional $50/night is charged. The Amish Country Villa is a luxurious accommodation option that offers a unique and comfortable experience.

The cost of staying at the Heartland Dude Ranch is reasonable and varies depending on the number of guests, length of stay, and type of accommodation chosen. Guests can contact the ranch for further information and to make reservations. It is recommended to book in advance to ensure availability and have a memorable vacation at the Heartland Dude Ranch.

Who owns Heartland Dude Ranch?

The Heartland Dude Ranch, also known as the Heartland Equestrian Connection, is a popular tourist destination located in Hudson, Alberta, Canada. The Heartland series revolves around a family that runs the ranch, and many viewers often wonder who the real owner is.

The Heartland Dude Ranch is owned by Lou Fleming, who is a central character in the series. Lou, who is played by Michelle Morgan, is a determined and hardworking woman who is passionate about her horses and her ranch. In the show, Lou and her brother Tim Fleming, played by Chris Potter, go into business together to build the dude ranch on the Heartland property.

Lou’s ownership of the ranch is further confirmed in the spin-off series of the show, titled Heartland: Ranch Life. This series focuses on the various employees and volunteers that work at the Heartland dude ranch and shows the day-to-day operations of the ranch. Throughout the series, Lou is shown making important decisions and overseeing the ranch’s operations, further cementing her as the owner of the Heartland Dude Ranch.

The Heartland Dude Ranch is a fictional location that is owned by a fictional character. However, for fans of the series, the ranch and its ownership play a crucial role in the story’s plot and character development.

Who owns Big River ranch Heartland?

In the popular Canadian television series, Heartland, the Big River ranch is a nearby property that is in close proximity to the main character’s family ranch. The ownership of this ranch changes hands multiple times throughout the series.

Big River ranch is initially owned by Ray Philips. However, after his death, ownership of the ranch is transferred to his daughter. Later on, in the series, Tim Fleming buys the property from Ray’s daughter and becomes the new owner of the Big River ranch.

Tim Fleming is a prominent character in the show and his decision to buy Big River ranch is a significant subplot in the series. Throughout the show, Tim is known for his impulsive and reckless nature, and his decision to purchase Big River is no exception. Despite his family’s financial struggles and the risks associated with taking on such a large investment, Tim sees the potential in the property and is able to secure ownership.

As the series progresses, Tim’s ownership of Big River ranch becomes a central point of tension between him and the main character’s father, Jack Bartlett. Jack is portrayed as a wise and experienced rancher who is skeptical of Tim’s ability to manage the property. This conflict between the two characters adds additional layers to the show’s complex family dynamics.

The ownership of Big River ranch in Heartland changes from Ray Philips to his daughter and then to Tim Fleming. Tim’s decision to buy the property creates a significant plot point in the series and adds tension to the show’s central family dynamic.