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Can you put flowers in a lantern?

Lanterns are charming and versatile décor items that can be used in various ways to brighten up your space. They are a significant and reliable way of lighting up your space while keeping it cozy. Decorating with lanterns is an easy and effective way to give your home or event a touch of rustic charm.

Flower arrangements are also popular décor items used in weddings, parties, and even home decors. Flowers bring freshness and natural beauty to an event and help create an inviting atmosphere. In recent years, lanterns and flowers have been combined to create elegant centerpieces that incorporate both elements.

The big question, however, is whether you can put flowers in a lantern. The answer to that question is, yes, you can! Take a look at how you can incorporate flowers in lantern décor.

Using lanterns as Flower Vases

One way to incorporate flowers into your lantern décor is to use lanterns as a flower vase. This method involves placing a vase or container inside your lantern and using it as a holder for your flower arrangement. The vase or container should be proportionate in size to your lantern and height of the flower stalks.

The advantage of using lanterns as flower vases is that you can create an exquisite flower arrangement that secures the flowers and prevents them from tipping over while giving them the necessary height. Furthermore, you can use a combination of fresh flowers and artificial decorative items to create a lovely and stylish display.

For instance, placing tree branches inside the lantern and adding some flowers to the branches can create a whimsical, romantic, and dramatic effect. Using candles, fairy lights, and other decorative items can also create a unique and personal touch to your flower lantern centerpiece.

Using lanterns as a candle holder for flowers

Another way to incorporate flowers into your lantern décor is by using lanterns as a candle holder for flowers. With this method, you can add a candle to the bottom of the lantern, and the light of the candle shines through the flowers above, giving a beautiful glow to your event or home.

This type of lantern décor is elegant and romantic, and it quickly transforms your space into a cozy haven. You can use any flowers that match your event or home décor and never worry about the flowers being burnt by the candle since they are placed at the top of the lantern.

Moreover, you can add fabric or lace ribbons to the lanterns, giving it an adorable look and creating a far more feminine effect. You can also opt to use tall candle lanterns or low candle lanterns depending on the number of flowers you want to include and the space of your event.

Using flowers to decorate around the lantern

Other than using lanterns as flower vases or candle holders for flowers, you can use flowers to decorate around the lantern. For instance, you can use flowers to create a wreath around the lantern that blends with the color of the lantern.

You can use wreath flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, and peonies to create this effect. You can also use other decorative items such as ribbons, greenery, and foliage to create a delightful and eye-catching piece.

Furthermore, you can use flowers to fill the spaces between lanterns on a table. This method is great for events such as weddings, dinner parties, and outdoor parties. Place tealight candles inside each lanterns, then place colorful flowers around each lantern for a beautiful and colorful, delightful centerpiece.

In conclusion

Lanterns and flowers are both beautiful and versatile décor items that can add a touch of rustic elegance to any event or home décor. While it may seem a bit challenging to put flowers in a lantern, the above methods show that it is possible and can be done in a beautiful and unique way.

By using lanterns as flower vases, candle holders for flowers, or even decorating around the lantern with flowers, you can create an elegant and inviting atmosphere that is both charming and cozy. So next time you see a lantern, whether it’s at a store or any other place, don’t hesitate to add flowers and create an enchanting display.