Can cap pick up Thor’s hammer?

No, only those who are deemed worthy can pick up Thor’s hammer, also known as Mjölnir. According to Norse mythology, only those who demonstrate qualities of selflessness and bravery—as well as having “free from stain and greed”—are able to pick up and wield the powerful weapon.

Therefore, Captain America, or Cap, would not be able to lift the hammer because he doesn’t possess the qualities to match the power of the hammer, despite being a worthy and honorable superhero.

Who else can lift Thor’s hammer?

Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, was created by the dwarves known as Eitri and Brok for Thor as a reward for protecting them from a Frost Giant’s attack. While the hammer is incredibly powerful and can only be wielded by those found worthy, there are a few others throughout the Marvel comics universe who have been able to wield Mjolnir.

The first is Viking heir Beta Ray Bill who was able to wield Thor’s hammer in a contest to prove his worthiness. Following this, Captain America – known as Steve Rogers – was able to lift the hammer in a moment of sheer dedication and strength, proving even humans can become worthy of the power of Mjolnir.

The Red Norvell also obtained worthiness and has wielded the hammer; while Jane Foster, a mortal found worthy due to her selflessness and pure heart, was able to wield it with great power.

Also, some users who aren’t typically ‘worthy’ characters, such as Throg, a droplet from a Frog Thor that gained the power of Thor, Odin, and the Destroyer armor were able to wield the hammer. The Initiative hero had the honor of wielding the hammer during the Civil War alignment and beyond.

Additionally, Wolverine, under an illusion of responsibility, was able to lift the hammer in an alternate universe.

Ultimately, Marvel proves time and time again that there are many people who are capable of lifting and wielding Mjolnir. Strength and value of character will prevail, no matter who is trying to lift the hammer.

Can Spider Man lift Mjolnir?

No, Spider Man cannot lift Mjolnir – the famous hammer wielded by the Mighty Thor in Marvel Comics – as only someone deemed worthy by Odin is able to do so. In the past, several other Marvel heroes have been able to lift the hammer, including Captain America and Storm, along with Thor’s half-brother Loki.

However, Spider Man has never shown himself to be worthy of being able to pick up the hammer and lift it, nor has he exhibited any powers which suggest he could ever possess that ability. In the Marvel universe, the ability to lift Mjolnir gives the character superhuman strength and the ability to control weather and electricity, which Spider Man does not posess.

Who lifted Mjolnir without being worthy?

Only a select few beings have been capable of lifting Mjolnir without being deemed “worthy” by the enchantment on the hammer. Two of those include Beta Ray Bill and the Silver Surfer. Beta Ray Bill was a cyborg alien from the alien race known as Korbinites.

After a battle between the Korbinites and Asgardians, he emerged from battle wielding Mjolnir as he was deemed worthy by Odin, who was the one responsible for the enchantment. The Odinforce granted him a portion of Thor’s power, making him a “worthy” being.

The Silver Surfer was able to lift the hammer during Ragnarök, the prophesied end of the gods in Norse mythology. He was able to do this because he was not the kind of creature Odin had intended the enchantment to work on in the first place.

With his cosmic power from Galactus, The Silver Surfer was able to lift the hammer.

What are the requirements to be worthy of Mjolnir?

The requirements to be worthy of Mjolnir, the divine hammer of Thor in Norse mythology, are a topic of debate. In the original myths, only those that are found worthy by Odin in his great wisdom can wield the hammer’s immense power.

He looks at a person’s individual valor, strength, fortitude, honor, and courage before deeming them worthy.

However, in the Marvel universe, a wider range of requirements have become associated with its wielders. As the hammer contains a portion of Thor’s soul, it only allows him—or very select others—to pick it up.

This can include characters such as Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, and hyper-powerful cosmic entities such as the Silver Surfer.

In the comics storyline The Darker Than Scarlet, Odin believes Odin’s temporary successor, Eric Masterson, is worthy to wield Mjolnir despite his lack of classic heroic experience and history. Odin, in his wisdom, saw the true valor and strength of Masterson’s soul.

In addition, individuals that have demonstrated to be morally “pure” of heart such as Daredevil, and individuals with strong wills of iron such as Doctor Doom, have also been found worthy of wielding Mjolnir despite the fact that they possess an almost polar opposite moral code to those of Thor.

Essentially, it can be said that while Mjolnir chooses its rightful wielder, that wielder must still possess a heart and courage that have been deemed worthy of wielding its immense power. This is regardless of one’s moral code or lack of classic heroic experience.

Those that have been found worthy have all gone on to prove themselves in battle, showing that the hammer chooses those that are worthy and not the other way around.

Did Captain America pretend to not lift Mjolnir?

No, Captain America did not pretend to not lift Mjolnir – he genuinely could not lift the hammer. Mjolnir is an extremely powerful magically enhanced weapon, designed by Odin and blessed by powerful Asgardian enchantment.

The enchantment bestows the weapon upon whomever is deemed ‘worthy’ by the hammer’s enchantment. According to the enchantments, only Thor, the rightful owner, and those found to possess the power of a ‘god’ are capable of lifting it.

Captain America has been deemed worthy by Odin and the hammer’s enchantment on a few occasions, but most of the time, he is not strong enough to pick it up. There have been a few instances where Captain America has been able to lift the hammer, most notably when Red Skull was in possession of the Cosmic Cube, a powerful artifact created by the Red Skull which allowed him to control reality.

The Red Skull’s control over reality meant that he manipulated the enchantment of Mjolnir, and allowed Captain America to lift it.

Did Thor know cap could lift Mjolnir?

Yes, Thor was aware that Captain America was capable of lifting Mjolnir. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor had witnessed Mjolnir reject some of his strongest foes, such as the Destroyer and Ultron.

When Captain America was able to divert a lightning strike from the awakened Mjolnir back to Thor, he certainly realized that Captain America was worthy of wielding the Mjolnir. This was further cemented in Thor’s mind when he saw Captain America actually lift Mjolnir during the Avengers: Infinity War battle against Thanos’s army.

Seeing Steve Rogers lift Mjolnir undoubtedly confirmed in Thor’s mind that Captain America was indeed worthy. Thor then allowed Captain America to use Mjolnir to help fight the alien army. After the fight, when Thor and Captain America had a chance to speak, Thor saluted Captain America with Mjolnir, further demonstrating his acceptance of Captain America’s worthiness.

Can Thor break caps shield?

No, Thor cannot break Captain America’s shield. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, Captain America’s shield is an unbreakable, indestructible alloy created by Howard Stark and made especially for him.

It is composed of several metals, including a vibranium-steel alloy that absorbs and disperses kinetic energy, making it nearly indestructible. As strong as Thor is with his hammer, Mjölnir, his strength and power would not be enough to break the shield.

However, it is possible that even Thor himself could be overwhelmed by the immense amount of energy that could be stored in the shield.

Does cap have the power of Thor?

No, Captain America does not have the power of Thor. As seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Captain America possesses a heightened level of physical fitness, strength, agility, and stamina due to receiving the Super Soldier Serum in World War II, but he does not possess any of the supernatural powers that Thor does.

Thor is an Asgardian god, the son of Odin and Gaea, and has the power to manipulate the weather and use lightning, superhuman strength, and flight. He also wields the hammer Mjolnir, which is magical and allows Thor to fly and to control the weather.

Therefore, while Captain America is a powerful and skilled fighter, he does not have the same divine powers that Thor possesses.