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Can bridesmaids walk without flowers?

A common tradition at weddings is for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle holding a bouquet of flowers. While this is a classic and beautiful look, some brides may be wondering if it’s necessary for their wedding. Can bridesmaids walk without flowers? The answer is yes, and there are plenty of alternatives to consider. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the history of bridesmaids and their flowers, reasons why brides may opt for non-floral alternatives, and provide creative ideas for bridesmaid accessories.

The Tradition of Flowers for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid bouquets have been a part of weddings for centuries. However, the history behind this tradition is not entirely clear. Some believe bridesmaids originally held bouquets of herbs and spices as a symbol of fertility, while others attribute the custom to ancient Roman times when bridesmaids carried wheat and herbs to ward off evil spirits. Regardless of the reason, bridesmaids holding bouquets of flowers has become a common sight at weddings.

Why Brides May Opt for Non-Floral Alternatives

While flowers can add a pop of colour and beauty to a wedding, they can also come with a high price tag. Additionally, some brides may have allergies to certain types of flowers, making them a less desirable option. Some couples are also more environmentally conscious and may not want to contribute to the large carbon footprint caused by importing flowers from other countries. Finally, some brides simply want to break away from tradition and create a unique look for their wedding.

Creative Ideas for Bridesmaid Accessories

Bridesmaids walking down the aisle without flowers doesn’t have to look bare or incomplete. There are plenty of non-floral options that can look just as beautiful, even enhancing a wedding’s theme or colour scheme. Here are some ideas to consider:


Having your bridesmaids wear a piece of jewellery can be a sentimental option, and it’s a piece that they can keep to remember your special day for years to come. Consider a dainty necklace, bracelet, or earrings that complement their dress.

Clutches or Purses

Clutches or purses are both functional and a great accessory for your bridesmaids. Choosing a purse in a colour that matches the bridesmaid dress can make the ensemble look cohesive.

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are a fun and whimsical accessory for bridesmaids to carry. Wands can be made with satin or silk ribbons in colours that complement the dress, and they can add a playful element to wedding photos.

Parasols or Fans

For outdoor summer weddings, parasols or fans can help bridesmaids stay cool, and they can be a great visual accessory in photos. Choose a colour or pattern that fits the wedding theme, or consider personalized parasols or fans with the bridesmaid’s name or the wedding date.

Decorative Lanterns

For evening or indoor weddings, consider having bridesmaids carry decorative lanterns with candles for a warm ambience. Lanterns can be chosen in different styles and colours, and they can be reused as home decor.


In conclusion, bridesmaids don’t have to walk down the aisle holding bouquets of flowers. Non-floral alternatives can be both beautiful and creative, allowing brides to customize their wedding to their preferences. Whether it’s jewellery, clutches, ribbon wands, parasols, or lanterns, there are plenty of options to make bridesmaids stand out. Remember, it’s your special day, and it’s the little details that will make it unique and memorable.


How do you walk down the aisle without flowers?

If you’re not a fan of traditional wedding flowers or simply want to switch things up, there are plenty of creative alternatives you can explore when it comes to walking down the aisle. Contrary to popular belief, flowers are not a requirement for a beautiful bridal entrance. There are many options available to you that can make your wedding look fun, unique, and personalized. In fact, some brides choose to go flower-free for a wide range of reasons: they may be allergic to certain types of flowers, want to save on costs, or just want to make a statement with their entrance.

One idea is to use lanterns or candles. This could be especially beautiful at an evening or nighttime ceremony, adding some romantic ambiance to your walk. Lanterns can be hung from shepherds’ hooks along the aisle or carried on shepherd hooked by the bridesmaids or flower girls. Some couples choose to place candles inside small mason jars decorated with lace or ribbon, to match their decor. Both options are great for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Another alternative to wedding flowers could be clutches, feathers, or parasols. These are especially popular for vintage-themed weddings. A small clutch makes for an elegant accessory for the bride or for bridesmaids, carrying it in place of flowers. Feathers can be attached to the bouquet, hair accessories, or even on the dress itself, to add some playful and romantic whimsy. Parasols are also a delicate and unexpected accessory, and they work well for daytime weddings, providing some shade for the bride or an extra element of style.

If religious beliefs are important to you, carrying a book down the aisle, usually the bible or other family heirlooms is an incredibly meaningful and symbolic way to make your entrance. It shows your values, tradition and sends a powerful message of unity that binds the couple together. Similarly, other items that have passed down through the family such as framed photographs can be a perfect item to walk down the aisle.

There are plenty of creative and unique alternatives to walking down the aisle with flowers. By ditching traditional blooms, you can make a statement and add some personal flair to your ceremony. The key is to choose elements that align with your style and vision for your wedding. Remember, the most important thing is that your wedding reflects who you are as a couple, and there’s no right or wrong way to do that.

Are aisle flowers necessary?

A wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. With all the planning and preparation that goes into it, every detail counts. One of the most important details is setting the tone for the ceremony, and flowers play a significant role in this. Aisle flowers can be the highlight of the decor of a wedding ceremony as they create a beautiful pathway to the altar.

However, the question arises- Are aisle flowers necessary for a wedding ceremony? Well, the answer depends on the preference of the couple and their budget. Traditionally, flowers have been a symbol of love and beauty and are a popular choice to adorn a wedding. Couples may choose to use flowers for their aisle decor as they bring color, fragrance, and elegance to the ceremony. The right flowers can create a romantic atmosphere, bringing a sense of joy and celebration to the big day.

On the other hand, many couples now prefer to simplify their wedding ceremonies to make it more feasible and budget-friendly, with some opting for a minimalistic look. Aisle flowers can be a costly addition to the decor, and with the rising trend of intimate and intimate weddings, the price is the deciding factor when it comes to adding aisle flowers. For couples who want to celebrate their love without the added expense, using flowers might not be necessary.

Additionally, the time allotted for a ceremony usually lasts between 10 to 30 minutes. This is a relatively short amount of time, which can make it hard for the guests to realize the beauty of the aisle flowers. This realization has led couples to prioritize other areas of decor, such as centerpieces, reception hall decor, or a photo booth.

While aisle flowers can add to the romantic atmosphere of a wedding ceremony, the decision of whether to use them is subjective. Couples can determine the necessity of aisle flowers for their wedding ceremony based on their preference and budget. It all comes down to what the couple deems necessary for their special day and what they feel will make it the most beautiful and memorable.

What can I have instead of a flower girl?

If you want to break away from the traditional flower girl in your wedding, there are several alternative options you can consider. These alternative options will not only add a unique touch to your ceremony but can also make it memorable and fun.

1. Flower carriers: Instead of having a flower girl, consider having flower carriers. These are typically young boys or girls who carry baskets or trays filled with petals and scatter them as they walk down the aisle.

2. Ring bearers: If you’re having a ring bearer in your wedding, consider including them in the ceremony by having them carry a pillow or unconventional object like a message in a bottle instead of rings.

3. Flower kids: You could have two or more kids walk down the aisle, carrying flowers in a basket, and throwing them in front of the bride as she walks to the groom.

4. Wedding kids: Children can take on other roles rather than being a flower girl. For example, they can be junior bridesmaids or groomsmen or act as ushers and guide your guests to their seats.

5. Junior wedding attendants: Think out of the box and have junior attendants perform other tasks at the ceremony, like carrying your wedding sign instead of flowers.

6. Best kiddos: Instead of picking a best man or maid of honor, you could have kids perform those roles. They can hold the wedding bands, sign the marriage certificate or even give a speech.

7. The fellowship of the ring: If you’re a fan of “The Lord of the Rings,” you could have several children come down the aisle, each bearing a different ring, symbolic of the power of your love.

There are plenty of alternatives to a flower girl that you can choose from to elevate your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. The key is to think outside the box and choose something that truly represents your personalities and interests as a couple.

How do you not have flowers at a wedding?

While having flowers at a wedding is a long-standing tradition, there are many reasons why a couple may choose not to incorporate them. Some may have allergies, while others may prefer a more unique or eco-friendly alternative. There are several ways to have a beautiful wedding without flowers, and one option is to carry an alternative bouquet.

An alternative bouquet is a great way to modernize your wedding and showcase your personality. One option is to trade out fresh flowers for other objects, like jewelry or a book. You could also incorporate foliage or herbs, which not only provide a lovely aesthetic but also emit a pleasant scent. For a longer-lasting option, faux flowers made from silk or paper can be used and even turned into keepsakes after the wedding.

Another way to not have flowers at a wedding is to use creative décor options. For instance, instead of centerpieces made of flowers, choose lanterns, candles, or even potted plants that can be gifted to guests after the wedding. For added visual interest, consider incorporating elements like feathers or seashells into the décor.

Finally, it’s worth considering the bigger picture. Weddings that use local or seasonal flowers may be more environmentally sustainable, but opting for no flowers at all could be even more eco-friendly. If you do choose to forego flowers, consider sending a donation to a charity or organization that supports environmental conservation or other causes that are important to you.

Not having flowers at a wedding is a great way to showcase your unique style and set your wedding apart from others. There are plenty of alternative options that can be just as beautiful as traditional floral arrangements. Whether you choose to carry an alternative bouquet, use creative décor options, or skip the flowers altogether, your wedding will be special and unforgettable.