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Can a bride wear sneakers to a wedding?

Wedding attire has long been synonymous with traditional gowns, suits, and formal shoes. However, within the world of fashion, rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to weddings. In recent years, the idea of wearing sneakers to weddings has become more acceptable, leaving many brides wondering – Can a bride wear sneakers to a wedding?

In short, the answer is yes. A bride can wear sneakers to a wedding and look stylish while doing so. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ways brides can incorporate sneakers into their wedding attire and pull off a unique, unconventional look for their special day.

Wear Sneakers to Your Wedding: A Modern Take on Bridal Footwear

For many brides-to-be, the idea of wearing heels all day on their wedding day can seem daunting. After hours of standing, walking, and dancing, their feet are likely to feel tired and sore. That’s where sneakers come in as a stylish and comfortable alternative to heels. Wearing sneakers to your wedding can create a comfortable and fun way to embrace your special day with confidence.

The most popular way to wear sneakers on your wedding day is to swap out your heels during the reception or after-party. However, it is also becoming increasingly common to make sneakers a part of the overall wedding look, and brides are now choosing to wear sneakers during the ceremony, photo shoots, and even walking down the aisle. The right pair of sneakers can add a pop of color or contrast to your wedding day outfit.

Benefits of Wearing Sneakers on Your Wedding Day

Comfort and practicality are not the only reasons that brides are swapping heels for sneakers on their big day. Here are some other benefits of wearing sneakers to your wedding:

1. Dance Floor-Ready: Weddings are all about celebrating the newlyweds, and dancing is at the top of the list. Wearing sneakers makes it easier to bust a move, without worrying about falling or being uncomfortable.

2. Price: Let’s face it, wedding expenses add up quickly. Sneakers can be a more budget-friendly option compared to other forms of wedding footwear.

3. Unique and Personal: Not only do sneakers allow for a unique take on traditional wedding attire, but brides can also show off their unique style and personality through their footwear.

How to Style Sneakers with Your Wedding Dress

While sneakers may seem like a more laid-back option, they can be paired harmoniously with a wedding dress. Here’s how:

1. Sneakers with a Train: If you opt for a wedding dress with a floor-length train, consider pairing it with a stylish pair of high-top sneakers. They’re perfect for supporting your feet while carrying the dress’s heavy train.

2. Colorful Sneakers: If you have a white dress, choosing colorful sneakers is a great way to add some fun to your wedding day attire. It adds a pop of color and is perfect for brides who want their wedding day to reflect their unique style.

3. Monochrome Attire: If you choose to wear an all-white dress, consider complementing it with a pair of white sneakers. It creates a monochrome look that highlights the sneakers while keeping the outfit elegant.

4. Platform sneakers: Platform sneakers are the perfect way to add a bit of height without sacrificing comfort. Paired with a tea-length dress, platform sneakers can create a playful and charming wedding day look.


In conclusion, it is perfectly acceptable for a bride to wear sneakers to a wedding. Comfort is a crucial consideration, but it is not the only reason to choose sneakers over traditional wedding shoes. With the right styling, sneakers can look stylish and trendy, whether you’re walking down the aisle or dancing the night away. In the end, a bride should wear whatever makes her feel her best on her special day- even if it’s a pair of sneakers!


Does white sneakers go with formal dress?

When it comes to fashion, it’s important to know the appropriate rules and guidelines for matching different clothing items with each other. One of the most prominent debates in the fashion world is whether white sneakers can be worn with formal clothing, such as suit jackets, blazers, or dress pants. While some may argue that white sneakers can be appropriate for a formal look, the general consensus is that they are not.

In general, white sneakers are considered to be a casual shoe and are often associated with athletic wear or streetwear. They can be a great addition to a casual outfit, such as jeans and a t-shirt, but are not generally considered appropriate for formal clothing. The main reason for this is that white sneakers have a very casual and athletic appearance, which can clash with the professional and sophisticated look of formal wear.

While there may be some specific situations where white sneakers can be worn with a formal outfit, such as a more casual daytime wedding or outdoor event, it’s generally best to stick to more traditional footwear styles when dressing for a formal occasion. Dress shoes, such as Oxford, loafer, or derby shoes, are a much better choice for pairing with a suit or dress pants. These types of shoes have a more formal and elegant appearance that complements the sophistication of formal clothing.

While white sneakers may be a trendy and stylish shoe, they are generally not a good choice for pairing with formal wear. If you’re dressing for a formal occasion, stick with more traditional dress shoes to ensure that your outfit looks professional and put-together. Save your white sneakers for more casual events or outfits where they can truly shine.

Is it okay to have some white on your dress at a wedding?

Traditionally, wearing a white dress to a wedding used to be a major fashion faux pas, as it could be seen as trying to upstage the bride. However, nowadays, wedding fashion etiquette has evolved and it’s becoming more acceptable to wear white to weddings. So, the answer to the question, “Is it okay to have some white on your dress at a wedding?” is—it depends.

According to the Emily Post Institute, it’s acceptable to wear white to a wedding, as long as it doesn’t “distract from the bride or her attendant’s dresses.” Therefore, if you’re planning to wear white to a wedding, you’ll need to consider the style of your outfit, the level of formality of the event, and the bride’s preferences.

If the dress code for the wedding is formal, it’s best to steer clear of white dresses entirely since formal events usually call for elegant, floor-length dresses or chic cocktail attire in rich colors such as navy, burgundy or emerald. However, if you want to wear white, a good option is to go for a dress in a colorful shade with a white lace overlay or a wedding-guest outfit with white accents, such as a white clutch or shoes.

When it comes to the bride, it’s always important to be mindful and respectful of her wishes on her big day. If she has expressed her preference that guests should not wear white, then it’s best to respect her wishes completely.

Wearing white to a wedding is no longer a major fashion faux-pas since the rules of wedding fashion etiquette have evolved. But if you choose to wear white, make sure not to steal the spotlight from the bride, and be mindful of the level of formality and the bride’s preferences.