Boarding Your Dogs While HoneymooningBoarding Your Dogs While Honeymooning
Boarding Your Dogs While Honeymooning You did it. You tied the knot and the stress of wedding planning has come to an end. The...Boarding Your Dogs While Honeymooning

Boarding Your Dogs While Honeymooning

You did it. You tied the knot and the stress of wedding planning has come to an end. The honeymoon is around the corner and you’re all set to go. But wait! What about your dogs? Will they be taken care of when you’re enjoying a relaxing getaway with your new spouse?

Have no fear. Boarding your dogs is a great way to make sure your pets are safe and well cared for while you are out of town. So, how might you prepare your dog for their stay at a boarding facility?

  • When researching boarding facilities, choose one that offers live-stream cameras so you can check in on your dog. You can visit to see which facilities offer live stream cameras, and take virtual tours of different facilities in your area. Businesses who offer live-stream cameras provide a real-time look into what your dog is up to! Being able to check in on your pet real-time gives peace of mind so you can enjoy your honeymoon without worry. But be careful – watching the dogs play can be very addictive!
  • Always double-check facility reviews online (Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook and other social media platforms). It’s better to bring your dogs to a boarding facility that has more positive reviews than negative reviews.
  • If possible, take your dog to the boarding facility PRIOR to packing. If your dog watches you pack, they may get stressed out and anxious because they know you are leaving. If your pet does get anxious, they may find it easier to relax if they have a few drops of CBD oil. This oil has the same effects on dogs as it does humans, just calming the body down. If you think it’s something your pet can benefit from then there’s no harm in trying. The CBD dosage for dogs will vary depending on their size but it’s something that’s easy to work out. CBD can also be used regularly is your pet is normally anxious, or on these special occasions which are unfamiliar. Changing locations can often upset our animals, as is the case when relocating home; moving can be stressful for a dog so preparing for this is essential.
  • Pack one extra day of food/medication just in case travel plans get delayed. Also, dogs who are more active in group play burn more calories and should get a bit more food each meal to compensate for increased activity level.
  • Don’t give your dog special treats before bringing them to a boarding facility. It can be very tough leaving our fur kids behind, but something like a meaty cow knuckle can upset a dog’s stomach within a few hours.

Perhaps you want to take your dog with you on the honeymoon! After all, dogs are part of the family. Here’s how you can prepare:

  • Make sure your dog is in good health. Traveling can be stressful for any pet, so it’s better for a dog who may have some health ailments to stay home unless absolutely necessary.
  • Get up to date vaccines and a health certificate from your veterinarian. You never know if you will run into sick or unvaccinated dogs while vacationing. Carrying vaccination records or an official health certificate is good to have in case anyone questions your dog’s health.
  • Pack something that smells like home. Whether you are traveling by airplane, car or train, having an item of clothing or a blanket that smells like home will bring your dog comfort.
  • Have proper identification on your dog. Make sure they are wearing a collar with tags that have your updated address and phone number(s). If your dog has a microchip, update that information as well. It can be life-saving if for some reason your dog gets lost.
  • Bring plenty of food, treats and toys. Give your dog lots of treats and praise for being well behaved while you are traveling. Pack extra food in case of travel delays. Toys are important so your dog has something fun to do at your final destination.
  • You could also consider packing some other essentials for your dog from home in order to make them feel even more relaxed, for example, some toys, or even a special brush that could be used. When taking these essentials you could always consider the kind of brush you take depending on where you’re staying, if its somewhere with a hardwood floor you could look at the best roomba for pet hair on hardwood floors, so all that malting hair doesn’t get everywhere and your dog can also feel at ease getting a nice pampering on top of that! Them feeling comfortable is all that matters.

It’s important to research boarding facilities before you leave for your fabulous honeymoon! See if you can take a tour of the facility you’re interested in before you allow them to take care of your dogs. You never want to leave your dogs at a place you don’t trust. If you’re in the Phoenix area, Happy Pets Palace & Playground is the go-to place for boarding! They are an awarding winning facility, voted Best Pet Boarding Service in Mesa, AZ for 2015. Happy Pets Palace has webcams so you can see what your dogs are up to while you’re gone. They even have overnight staff to offer late night potty breaks! If you want to get in on the award-winning action, Happy Pets Palace & Playground will also be offering franchise opportunities to dog lovers in the future.

So go on, have fun and prepare your dog for the honeymoon, whether he/she will be staying with a boarding staff or traveling alongside you and your spouse. Fido will appreciate the hard work that was put in to making them comfortable!

Author: Amanda Yantos, owner of Dog Mom Days. Find more valuable information for pet parents at

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