Blurb: More Than Just Your Wedding AlbumBlurb: More Than Just Your Wedding Album
With anything in life, it’s hard to find a one-stop shop for everything. Where you purchase your favorite shoes is probably not the same...Blurb: More Than Just Your Wedding Album

With anything in life, it’s hard to find a one-stop shop for everything. Where you purchase your favorite shoes is probably not the same place you’ll purchase your favorite candles. Good businesses specialize in an area and stick with it. At Blurb, that specialty stretches well beyond wedding albums and into the realm of books in general.

As your life as a married couple grows, you’ll create different memories that are just as important as your wedding day. You may move to a new town or city, you will probably take vacations together, and you may even have or adopt a child. Let Blurb give you the ability to design and create all of the books for your life, all in one location.

Check out just a handful of the books Blurb can help you create:

Cookbooks: There’s a good chance you grew up with favorite recipes as a child, just as your partner did as well. As you tweak those recipes to your tastes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a recipe booklet that combines your favorite recipes and your partner’s? Blurb’s food and cookbook templates make it easy to design a stunning recipe book. And with Blurb’s print discounts for larger quantities, you’ll want to share your recipe book with all of your family and friends!

Baby Books: Remember every precious moment you have with your child with Blurb’s stunning baby books. It’s simple: pick the size you need and the template you love, upload your adorable photos, and start creating! If you’re feeling super creative, here are a few other ideas you can do for your child’s book instead of a traditional compilation of pictures:

  • Design a book for your baby before your little one is born
  • Take a photo of your baby every day for the first year and then arrange the photos in order to create a gorgeous “growing” book. Even if you adopt an older child, this is a great way to document their first year with you.
  • Take a picture of every family member and friend before your baby is born or your adoption is complete and write out their hopes, dreams and aspirations for your new family member

Any book will be a true keepsake, which is why Blurb has some great paper options to keep your photos preserved and looking as sharp as the day they were taken.

Travel Books: “Oh the places you’ll go” couldn’t have been more true, Dr. Seuss. If you and your partner have the travel bug, make sure you remember every minute of every trip by creating a Blurb travel photo book. Your options are endless with Blurb’s templates. Create a travel photo album, or if you’d like a more personalized feel, create a journal where all of your thoughts and reflections about the trip can be placed on the page.

Portfolios: Depending on your line of work, photographs and data are crucial to landing new jobs. One of the best investments you can make as you start or attempt to grow your business is in a portfolio booklet by Blurb. This portfolio is nowhere close to your standard 9×11 folder.

Whether you’re an architect, makeup artist, interior designer, or a photographer, you can create an essentially fool-proof, show-stopping portfolio. Add high-quality images and text to showcase your work all in one location for potential clients and all to see.

Memoirs: Every person’s life holds valuable lessons. Share your life with loved ones, friends, and even strangers who may connect with your experiences by creating an autobiography or a memoir. Once you have your story down on the page, Blurb makes the design portion easy. If you’re familiar with Adobe InDesign, install Blurb’s plug-in for the program, and get to work!

Don’t sweat it if you don’t know what InDesign is – Blurb also has Blurb BookWright, their own easy-to-use book creation tool. You’ll easily be able to add and move images and edit your content so your energy can go into telling your life story and not fighting with technology.

Life doesn’t stop on your wedding day. That’s just the beginning. Share all of your stories with friends and family by using Blurb to showcase all of your precious moments!


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