The Best Suits for Your Fashion-Forward Gay Wedding The Best Suits for Your Fashion-Forward Gay Wedding
When you walk down the aisle to say “I do” to your future husband, how do you picture yourself and your fiancĂ©? Barefoot? In... The Best Suits for Your Fashion-Forward Gay Wedding

When you walk down the aisle to say “I do” to your future husband, how do you picture yourself and your fiancĂ©? Barefoot? In a custom-tailored suit? If the latter, you could take a look at the services provided by Tailors’ Keep – It can be hard to narrow down your style for your wedding day. If you’re at a loss for what to wear, here are 12 styles we found swoon-worthy in our searches for the best suit pairings for your wedding day.

best suits for gay weddings
A Pinch of Pastel
: This monochrome combo is enough to knock your socks off with the added softness of the lavender and rose shirts. We’re a sucker for these patterned bowties, too! By alternating a black suit with a gray, this pair matches just enough while still adding their own individual flair. (Photo via Hudson River Photography)

best suits for gay weddings
Classy Plaid
: There’s something about the texture of plaid. This gorgeous duo balances the plaid look with crisp white button downs. Although this photo was taken in October in California, we could picture this look being a stunner for a winter wedding – though we might consider Buffalo Plaid for that little extra bit of warmth if we knew it was going to be a cold one! (Photo via Karenscape Photography)

best suits for gay weddings
A Denim Duo: This shoot of Joel Serrato and Jose Villa was an anniversary shoot, but we think their jackets and denim combination would be perfect for a sophisticated yet laid-back wedding. We love dark-washed denim paired with tailored jackets, and the brown belt against the darker suit jackets really pulls the outfit together for a classy yet casual appearance. (Photo via Leo Patrone Photography)

best suits for gay weddings
Light in Linen
: If you and your man are saying “I do” on a beach, make sure you aren’t sweating it in a traditional suit. This matching linen vest and pant combination is sophisticated, but you’ll get some relief from the heat. We adore the cuffs on these shirts! (Photo via Emma + Josh)

best suits for gay weddings
Dapper in Blue
: Be still our hearts… these two grooms are the epitome of style in reality. The variance of shoe color and bowtie/tie adds personal touches to each of their selections. And that plaid! The texture is absolutely perfect. (Photo via Kate McElwee)

best suits for gay weddings
Pantone Perfection
: Textured ties and differing suit colors is a great way to stand apart on your wedding day with your own style. Select one or two pieces, such as shoes or boutonnieres to match so your styles collide in fashionable matrimony. These suits have a Pantone-esque inspired color to them, which is great for a modern wedding. (Photo via TQS Magazine)

best suits for gay weddings
Polka-dotted Affair
: Black tie affair, meet your match. This celebrity wedding of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent was show-stopping in many ways, but all stops were pulled on this pair’s luxury suits. Unfortunately, only one of you can rock the polka dots without being too over the top. Worst-case scenario: resort to rock-paper-scissors. (Photo via Sam Deitch)

best suits for gay weddings
The Professor is in
: There is something so romantic about this duo’s attire. With the added elbow patch on the suit jacket, it gives the vibe of a library romance come full circle. We love the dark pants with the lighter slacks! (Photo via Joel Serrato)

best suits for gay weddings
The Magnificent Men
: If you love bowties, this one is for you. Nothing is more fun than a bowtie! Just make sure you know how to properly tie one. These two gorgeous grooms went complete opposites with their bowtie choices, but as they say, opposites attract. (Photo via One Summer Day Photography)

best suits for gay weddings
Freshness of Summer
: Splashes of color can make all of the difference, even with your wedding attire. You can almost feel the ocean salt breeze whipping through the air. The dark suit jackets ground the look, and the splash of blue and yellows really pop to create a handsome pairing. (Photo via Jean Laurent Gaudy)

best suits for gay weddings
Full-on Elegance
: If these two weren’t heading to their wedding, they should be on their way to Jay Gatsby’s house. These textured tuxedos are vibrant and bold… No doubt you two will turn heads in suits as sharp and classic as these. (Photo via Steve Steinhardt Photography)

best suits for gay weddings
Beachy-Keen Love
: One can only dream of a love like this. If you’re having a beach wedding, taking a dip in the surf is a must. We love how this pair matches from head to toe! (Photo via Mildly The Film)

When you’re deciding on the best suits for your wedding, keep in mind the following:

  • The type of feel you want your event to have: formal, casual, eclectic, modern… the list can go on and on.
  • The location of where you’ll be married
  • The type of shoes you’ll wear (footwear matters especially for beach and winter weddings)
  • The opportunity for secrecy or not (do you want to match your soon-to-be husband? If so, how will you coordinate your separate suit decisions if you still want it to be a surprise?)
  • The style of your body

There truly is nothing like a custom-tailored suit despite whether you’re having a semi-formal or full-formal event. Try connecting with a few tailors in your area to see what they can do to flatter your figure and to create one of the best suits you’ll ever own.