Beautiful Backyard Gay Wedding Beautiful Backyard Gay Wedding
Travis and Michael were married on a beautiful fall day in the backyard of their gorgeous Indianapolis home, surrounded by their closest friends and... Beautiful Backyard Gay Wedding

Travis and Michael were married on a beautiful fall day in the backyard of their gorgeous Indianapolis home, surrounded by their closest friends and family. The sky was the perfect shade of blue and big, puffy clouds dotted the horizon. It was one of those fall days that felt more like summer and some might argue that it was the prettiest day of the year.

Using things they’d found at Marshalls and Costco, they transformed their yard into an oasis, complete with twinkling lights that looked amazing in the nighttime alongside their outdoor barn lighting. There were chandeliers and flowers as far as you could see! Champagne was served to guests prior to the ceremony – which included a champagne toast! Following the ceremony, which took place in front of their pool, the happy couple joined their family at the architecturally stunning church that is four doors down from their home for portraits.

As the day faded into evening their reception began. Guests entered through a pathway lined with candles and a giant sign that spelled out LOVE. A signature drink and hor d’oeuvres greeted them as they found their seats. The party went on well into the night and the two grooms could be seen smiling, laughing and holding hands as those they love most surrounded them.

Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day? Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette? Did you incorporate any cultural or religious traditions in any part of your day?

Our wedding details began in 2015 when we moved into our house. Looking around the back yard and at the pool, we thought how cool would it be if we got married right here. It was the perfect spot. So in May of 2017 we decided to set the date, in four months we would get married in our backyard on September 16th 2017. One sunny day we were lounging in the pool with Travis’ mom and said, “what would you think if we got married here in September?” She thought it was a great idea and we began planning. We have always enjoyed being outside and gardening, so a simple yet elegant garden themed wedding seemed perfect. Our color palettes, were white, ivory, and gold with hints of navy blue. We don’t belong to a church or religion, so we had Travis’ sister, Tonya get ordained and marry us.

What were the florals like in your wedding? Did you use flowers in any of your design elements like the bridal bouquets, centerpieces or ceremony backdrop? Did they play an important part in the overall style of your wedding?

Flowers were very important to us, since we wanted a garden themed event. Michael new he wanted white flowers everywhere and to be clean, simple and modern. We were able to save a TON of money by going directly through a wholesale flower company in Indianapolis and enlisting a few of Travis’ employees to help build our arrangements with him in the kitchen a few days before the big day! Travis used vases that we had purchased as well as tall glass containers that we had around the house. The centerpieces described for the dinner tables were made with simple white roses. However we had larger vases on other tables, charcuterie table and bar as well as any other place we could find to fill in.We used hydrangea, garden roses, lilies, bells of Ireland, wisteria and a dozen more that we couldn’t list if we tried our hardest. Our vision was found online and a quick trip to the warehouse we just picked what we liked and ordered by the case. We had enough flowers to fill our jeep from top to bottom with barely enough room for the driver. Since this was a September wedding, we weren’t sure if it was going to be chilly, hot, rainy or cloudy. Bright and cheerful, yet elegant arrangements seemed to compliment any of these. We love to use flowers to soften a room or an event so it was very important to see them where ever you looked.

Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favorite parts of your wedding?

Attention to detail was everything! Even with an expansive driveway, we needed to figure out a way to park cars for 140 people. A local church that is 4 doors away from us, allowed us to use one of their parking lots for our guests. We hired 4 drivers that we have worked with in the past for events and night outs to shuttle our guests from the church to the house and back. It was a great way to keep cars off our property and the driveway cleared.When the guests entered the back yard they were greeted with four foot illuminated letters that spelled LOVE. These letters were nestled in english ivy behind floating tea light lanterns. This venue definitely listened to the don’t neglect style for your outdoor lights memo. All the lighting came together to give the venue such a beautiful glow. Instead of stopping at a guest book, the guests were able to find their table number on a cork board and served a welcome drink of Moody June Gin and sparkling rose lemonade. An array of meats, cheese and fruits were available for snacking during cocktail hour.We wanted to be a little different than the normal guest book. At each table we sat out pens and craft paper flash cards with a binder ring and allowed the guests to write a personal note to us. After a few cocktails the “personal notes” were hilarious! It was a fun thing to allow are guests to be creative and fun.Instead of your typical wedding cake, we decided to have a small cake just for us to cut, but served our guests a dessert bar with a buffet of cake pops, cheesecake shooters, macaroons and oatmeal cream pies.At the close of the evening we knew the guests were going to have a lot of drinks and be hungry, so a great parting gift was pastry bags with our initials on them filled with donut holes for the ride home. It was a great close to the evening.

Let’s talk fashion. How did you both choose your wedding day look? Describe the looks in detail.

Our look was formal, but not black tie. We each picked out suits that fit our styles. Travis’ was a black suit with white shirt and a charcoal tie. His shoes were grey and white leopard print loafers from Duke and Dexter in England. Michael wore a charcoal window pane suit with a white shirt and grey tie. He wore classic black lace shoes and bright blue and pink socks. It was important to us to stay true to our personal styles. Michael being more conservative and classic while Travis wanting just a bit of flashy, but not too much. We looked in multiple stores to find the perfect look and actually found our suits at Express and had them custom fit for the wedding day.

How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal.

On my birthday in March of 2014, we went to dinner with my sister and brother in law and my newborn niece. After dinner we went home. I walked in the house. There were flowers, candles and a box of cupcakes on the coffee table. My initial thought was, did we leave all those candles burning before we left?? Then I realized someone had set this up. Our birthday tradition is to have cupcakes and pup cakes for the dogs. We sat on the couch, and he gave me a card. Michael doesn’t express his feelings in words very often, but he had wrote me a card. In the card was everything I always want him to say to me. I cried. In the box of cupcakes was a ring. I was so surprised because I thought I would be the one to propose. Outside of the house was my sister and brother in law watching from the road. They burst in to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I was so taken back that all of this was planned without me knowing, I usually am aware of everything. It was very special and perfect at the same time.What Travis left out of this story is I transferred money from our savings account over to a personal account before picking up his ring trying to be sneaky about where the money was going to. Long story short he noticed almost immediately (usually I have at least 12-24 hours of him not realizing money is moving!!!!!) It was during construction on our house so I played it off as an advance to the contractor- POOR GUY NEVER SAW IT COMING!

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

Our wedding day was a very fast four month journey that turned out perfect. For us, it was the anticipation of seeing it all come together that morning after we had spend countless hours finding things that fit our vision. It was the reward of standing on ladders, balancing on one foot trying to get the perfect height for bistro lights. It was seeing the satisfaction of floral arrangements coming together knowing I had to do them myself. To be honest it was really the thought of seeing everyone in our lives in one sitting as we came out to greet everyone.

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Don’t let anyone including your family steer you away from your vision. Anything is possible. If you want chandeliers hanging from trees, we found out there is a way. Make it personal. No one remembers what color or material your tablecloths were. My sister Tonya told us guests remember three things. Was the food good? Did the DJ or band keep the dance floor full, and have the right dj equipment with them? Did the bartender keep the cocktails flowing? We designed our wedding around those three things. Details are great, but $50,000 weddings are just decorations. Your guests are there to celebrate you, let them feel the love you have for one another. Most important tip…If you plan, design, decorate, and host your wedding, DON’T FORGET ABOUT CLEANUP! We did, and we arrived the next day to what looked like a frat party gone wrong. Have a plan for cleanup and tear down and the manpower to help you.

Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Alison Mae Photography
Apparel: Express
Shoes: Duke and Dexter
Event Designer: Atmospheres Indy
Bakery: Confectioneiress
Equipment Rentals: A Classic Party Rental
Caterer: Capital City Kitchen