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Are Cody and Michelle Money still together?

Cody Sattler and Michelle Money captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation with their unexpected love story on Bachelor in Paradise season one. They met on the show and fell for each other quickly. However, after months of speculation, Cody and Michelle announced that they had ended their relationship in a joint statement. Fans were left wondering what happened between the two and whether or not they would ever get back together.

Their Time on Bachelor in Paradise

Cody and Michelle’s budding romance started during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise. They were both contestants on the show, and despite the fact that they had never met before, they hit it off right away. Over the course of the season, they became close and eventually started dating.

Their relationship was a bit of a surprise to viewers, as Michelle was initially interested in another contestant, Robert Graham. But after some soul-searching, Michelle realized that her feelings for Cody were stronger and she decided to pursue a relationship with him instead.

Throughout the season, Cody and Michelle’s relationship was put to the test. They had to navigate the drama of the show, including the arrival of new contestants and a controversial switch-up in the rules. But through it all, they remained committed to each other and their relationship grew stronger.

Their Breakup

After Bachelor in Paradise season one wrapped, fans were eager to see what would happen between Cody and Michelle. Would their relationship last outside of the show? Unfortunately, they announced their split in a joint statement just six months after the season aired.

The statement read in part: “We are both going through a very difficult time right now and the best thing we can do is focus on our own well-being. We appreciate the love and support from everyone who has followed our journey and ask for privacy during this time.”

Neither Cody nor Michelle has spoken publicly about the details of their split, so it’s unclear what exactly caused them to break up. However, they have both gone on to date other people since their split.

Where Are They Now?

After their breakup, Cody and Michelle both moved on with their lives. Michelle has been in a relationship with golfer Mike Weir since 2016 and the couple is still going strong. Cody, on the other hand, has been relatively private about his dating life but has been linked to a few different women over the years.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, Cody and Michelle have remained friends. In fact, they have both spoken publicly about how much they respect and care for each other. They may not have been able to make it work as a couple, but they were able to maintain their bond as friends.


Cody Sattler and Michelle Money’s time on Bachelor in Paradise was memorable for many reasons, but perhaps none more so than their unexpected love story. Though their relationship didn’t last, they remain fan favorites, and many people still wonder if they will ever give it another shot. Only time will tell what the future holds for Cody and Michelle, but for now, it seems that they are both happy and focused on their own lives.


Did Michelle Money and Cody get married?

Michelle Money is a well-known personality in the Bachelor Nation. She first appeared on the 15th season of The Bachelor, where she finished in fifth place. She then appeared on Bachelor Pad season 2 later that year. In 2014, Michelle was a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise season 1, where she found love with fellow contestant Cody Sattler.

The couple hit it off almost immediately and left the show together as a couple. However, their relationship had its ups and downs. They faced the challenges of a long-distance relationship, and Cody even moved to Salt Lake City to be closer to Michelle. Despite their efforts to make things work, their relationship ended in late 2014.

There were rumors of a possible reunion and even an engagement, but neither of those rumors came true. Michelle and Cody remain friends and have even appeared together on the show The Doctors to discuss their relationship and the challenges they faced. However, they never got married. Michelle has since moved on and is currently in a relationship with golfer Mike Weir, while Cody is also in a relationship.

What happened to Michelle from Bachelor in Paradise?

Michelle Money was a contestant on season 15 of The Bachelor, where she competed for the heart of Brad Womack. She then appeared on the second season of Bachelor Pad, where she finished in fourth place. Michelle returned to the Bachelor franchise on season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise, where she formed a connection with Cody Sattler and the couple started dating. However, the relationship didn’t last long, and Michelle left the show on her own.

After leaving Bachelor in Paradise, Michelle continued to stay in the public eye through various reality shows and social media. She also became a mom to a daughter named Brielle, who she shares with her ex-husband Ryan Money. Michelle was open about her struggles as a single parent and her desire to find love again.

In 2016, Michelle met professional golfer Mike Weir on a dating app, and the two hit it off. They have been in a happy relationship ever since, frequently sharing their adventures on social media. On January 7, 2023, Michelle and Mike announced their engagement on Instagram, revealing that they are getting married soon.

Michelle Money left Bachelor in Paradise without finding a lasting love connection. However, she continued to work hard, became a single mother, and eventually found happiness in her current relationship with Mike Weir, who she is now engaged to.

Why did Nayte dump Michelle?

Nayte’s decision to end his relationship with Michelle was due to the difficulties they were having in their relationship. According to Nayte, their relationship was tough and there were lots of ups and downs, arguments, and fights, indicating that the two of them were not clicking and not really seeing eye to eye. The tension in their relationship seemed to have reached a point where things started to go downhill during a weekend in June, leading to the breakup. It is likely that both Nayte and Michelle realized that the relationship was not working out and decided to end it. Although it’s unclear exactly what caused the tension and disagreements between Nayte and Michelle, it is clear that they were unable to resolve their issues and continue their relationship. It is always sad to hear about a relationship ending, but sometimes it is necessary for both parties to move forward and find happiness elsewhere.

Who is Michelle Money with today?

Michelle Money, a well-known television personality, and actress has been in a relationship with Mike Weir since 2016. Mike Weir is a retired professional golfer from Canada who had a successful career as a professional golfer. He won the Masters Tournament in 2003, which is one of the four major championships in golf.

Michelle and Mike have been dating for quite some time now, and they seem to be going strong. They often appear together at events and also share pictures of them together on social media. The couple has also been open about their relationship and has given interviews where they have talked about how they met and how they have grown in their relationship.

Michelle is famous for her appearances on reality TV shows such as “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” where she has won the hearts of many fans. She is also an actress and has appeared in a few films and TV shows. On the other hand, Mike Weir is a retired professional golfer who had quite a successful career. He has won multiple tournaments and has represented Canada in various international events.

Michelle Money is currently in a relationship with Mike Weir, a successful retired professional golfer. They have been going strong since 2016 and often appear together at events. The couple has been open about their relationship and seems to be happy and in love.

What is Michelle from Bachelorette doing now?

Michelle Young, one of the fan-favorite contestants from season 25 of “The Bachelor”, caught the attention of fans with her kindness, intelligence, and commitment to using her platform for good. Last year, she went on to become the lead of season 18 of “The Bachelorette,” where she found love with Nayte Olukoya. However, their relationship came to an end in December 2021, leaving fans wondering what Michelle is up to now.

Since the split, Michelle has been focusing on herself and her goals moving forward. In an interview with Life & Style, the reality star shared that she is diving into the dating pool and is enjoying the process of getting to know new people. Michelle also mentioned that she is “taking things slow” and is focusing on “trusting your value and knowing your worth” when it comes to finding a significant other.

While dating is on her mind, Michelle has also been staying busy outside of her personal life. She recently launched a new fitness program called “ALOED,” which she has been promoting on social media. The program is designed to help individuals build both a physical and mental foundation and includes a community of people supporting and challenging each other.

Aside from her fitness program, Michelle has also continued her work in education. The former teacher has been advocating for education reform and recently spoke at a forum on education in New Hampshire. Michelle has also been vocal about her support for mental health awareness and has been working with organizations that provide resources for those struggling with mental health issues.

Michelle Young has been making moves in her personal and professional life following her split from Nayte. While she is open to finding love again, she is focusing on herself and her goals, including launching a fitness program and continuing her advocacy for education and mental health.