Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement
When you and your partner decided to make it official and get engaged to be married, your first instinct is to shout the amazing... Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement

When you and your partner decided to make it official and get engaged to be married, your first instinct is to shout the amazing news from the rooftops! However, there are many more unique (and effective) ways to tell people you have decided to tie the knot. When it comes to sharing your big news, we think the best way to announce your engagement to friends and family is to do it in a way that reflects your style as a couple.

Read on to find the best way for you and your fiancé to announce your engagement!

The Old-Fashioned Couple

For couples that consider themselves more old-fashioned, creating a traditional engagement announcement to be sent through the mail is a classic way to share the news. Creating a custom engagement announcement complete with a gorgeous picture of the two of you together is something that your friends and family will appreciate receiving. Similarly, it will be a keepsake that you and your partner can cherish forever.

The Tech-Savvy Couple

Tech-savvy couples that are always plugged-in may find that the Internet is the most effective way to share their news with their social network. For some couples, adding the engagement to their Facebook timeline is enough of an impact. Other couples, however, may go above and beyond and use other mediums on the Internet as a way to create somewhat of a virtual engagement announcement. Whether you post a movie trailer-esque announcement video on YouTube, or simply a heartfelt blog post on your personal website, the Internet provides tons of fresh, modern, and creative ways to spread the news of your engagement.

The Party Couple

If you and your partner are the life of every party, consider announcing your engagement at a party! Invite everyone in your group out for dinner, drinks, or dancing. Then, announce your news in person to the room full of your friends and family, you might even think about looking to hire out something similar to this room for an engagement party Sydney has to offer, or other function rooms elsewhere. Not only will you get to announce the news to everyone at once, just think of the excitement that will be in the air after you let everyone you love in the loop about your engagement. It will give every partygoer something exciting to celebrate and will allow everyone to share his or her sentiments in person.

The Spontaneous Couple

While this tactic isn’t for everyone, for the couple who is known as being exciting and impulsive, consider inviting your friends and family to an intimate gathering… that turns out to be your wedding! It takes a lot of work to plan a surprise wedding without your friends and family knowing, so if you are bad at bluffing, this isn’t the approach for you. Springing the surprise engagement/wedding on family and friends might be a shock, but there are certain perks to this kind of party. Not only does it take a lot of the stress out of planning, you don’t put unnecessary expectations on your guests about what to wear or what etiquette to adhere to. Take a look on the Internet for inspirational stories about other couples have thrown surprise weddings in the past. We think if you and your partner are a couple that is full of surprises, announcing your wedding in this way will surely create an event that no one will soon forget!

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