Amazing Couple Gets Married After 27 Years! Amazing Couple Gets Married After 27 Years!
This amazing couple got married after 27 years. Read about their love story here… From the groom: ” We met 27 years ago at... Amazing Couple Gets Married After 27 Years!

This amazing couple got married after 27 years. Read about their love story here… From the groom: ” We met 27 years ago at a mutual friend’s party in Philadelphia. Scott had just recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and just got a job as a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch. I am a hairdresser. I have been doing hair for weddings for 25 years and have recently launched my own website, Classic Hair Designs. In all the years of doing wedding hair, I never imagined that it could be my day. When same sex marriage was finally legalized in New Jersey, I started planning. Our original date was January 18th, 2014 but Scoot became very ill and we spent weeks in the hospital. With nurses and two family members, we got married anyway.

I had my tee shirt and jeans on and Scot was breathing through a mask. It did not really matter how it was done, we have been through so much together that we just wanted to be married! It was around March that planning picked up again, I met with our photographer and we picked May 3rd. With nine people in our living room, our officiant, Holly Kline, preformed the short ceremony. Since there are only two photographs of us together in 27 years, my wish was to have my photograph taken with my love. I have been riding motorcycles as long as I have been able to ride a bike. I’m a Harley rider (although Scott is not a fan.) I needed to have pictures with my bike and Scott was a trooper. We also wanted to have pictures of Coco, our rescue dog who has been part of our family for 4 years. We decided at the last minute to have a celebration dinner the night before. We had a wonderful dinner surrounded by friends and family at Anthony’s Creative Italian Cuisine in Haddon Heights in New Jersey.”

Photographer: “I have know Steve for years. he actually did my hair at my wedding over 12 years ago. We have become great friends and have worked together at a number of weddings and stylized shoots. As soon as it became legal in New Jersey, Steve started planning. I think this was a dream come true for him. These two men have been together so long and when they say ‘for sickness and for health’, these two live that statement! Steve was so disappointed that all our plans fell through for our original date but he never left Scott’s side. So when everyone was finally healthy, we met up again and started planning for the May 3rd date! He then started planning the rehearsal dinner which was his way of including friends and family that have supported them. It was comfortable and warm as everyone mingled and congratulated the couple. I was even able to get an autograph from Sean Hayes addressed to them. That was a big hit. The cake topper was fabulous!

With nine people in their living room, Steve and Scott stood in front of each other in their suits holing hands. they were so sincere in their vows that it was just an honor to be included. Then we started taking pictures. Scott admitted tha in 27 years, they only had two pictures where they were in the same image. Steve was so excited to have pictures of the two of them. Photography was on the top of their list for vendors (a must have.) We wanted to reflect and celebrate the fact that this could now be possible in new Jersey that we kept our locations on this side of the river and then after we were done they went to dinner in Philadelphia.”

Photographer: Art + Life photography// Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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