Advice for LGBTQ Couples When Picking Your Wedding Rings Advice for LGBTQ Couples When Picking Your Wedding Rings
Advice for LGBTQ Couples When Picking Your Wedding Rings

Ganem Jewelers is known for it’s trademark customer service, and we reached out to them for advice for LGBTQ couples when picking out wedding rings. Established in 1982 by George Ganem, his sons Curtis and Jason Ganem were handed the reigns as co-presidents in 2004. I sat down with Curtis and ask him about recent trends in the wedding ring industry and how the LGBT community may have influenced these trends.


GWM: Have you seen a spike in gay couples coming to the store since gay marriage has become legal in so many states?

G: Since the earliest days of working at Ganem, we have always had a high percentage of gay couples as customers. Word on the street must be that we are gay friendly! We try to make everyone happy, but we have always had a large percentage of LGBT couples. We have some couples that have come to us for years, and although they have moved out of the state, they still choose to return to the Ganem jewelers.

GWM: Do you find that gay couples lean towards more traditional bands? Or do they find a more unique style?

G: Certainly every couple wants something unique to represent them which is why many see the selection from places like Manly Bands and want to check these rings out to find something that matches their personality and energy. But LGBT couples have a much broader range of desired styles. Straight couples will experiment wildly within the category of a traditional style, but they tend to stay within the current trend. But with gay and lesbian couples, there is a broader range of styles they desire. Some lesbian couples may both get an engagement ring, or one will get a band and and the other will get an engagement ring. We see gay couples that will both get a band with design work, or both with diamonds, there is just a broader range. A larger percentage of gay and lesbian couples will do something custom, something just for them verses picking something out of the case. We have a large selection to start from, but we have an in-house designer. Most jewelers will outsource the design, but we do it all in-house. We do the casting, the molds, the stone setting, every aspect of the process happens here.

GWM: Do you have any advice for gay couples if they are met by a vendor that is hostile towards them in the store?

G: Take your business elsewhere. There are also many social media ways to voice your displeasure. We get most of our business from referrals, and this is how we get most of our gay and lesbian business. The best way to show your displeasure or satisfaction with a vendor is to share your experience on social media.

GWM: What advice would you give to a gay couple when picking out their wedding rings?

G: Take your time and enjoy the process. Life is also about the journey, not just the destination. Don’t settle for working with an establishment that doesn’t make your experience enjoyable.

GWM: What current trends do you see happening in the wedding ring industry?

G: There is an increase in rose gold, but white gold is still the most popular. The halo ring is trending along with rose gold when it comes to styling. The biggest trend is the lack of trend, and this applies to the LGBT community most of all. 10 or 15 years ago, it was much more traditional. Although we still sell solitaires, there are just so many more options available for couples now.

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