A Whirlwind Romance A Whirlwind Romance
I met Luc in a not-so-typical way. A friend of mine posted her on his Snapchat story, and I asked him who she was.... A Whirlwind Romance

I met Luc in a not-so-typical way. A friend of mine posted her on his Snapchat story, and I asked him who she was. Months later, she added me on Facebook (she will tell you I did the adding, but I assure you it was her). I was going through a really hard time in my life — a divorce, post-partum depression, navigating life as a single mom, etc. I messaged her just to say hello. She left me on read. A few hours later, she apologized for not responding and said she had gotten busy at work and forgotten. We both work EMS, so I understood.

Later that evening, she asked for my phone number and called me on her way home. I was a mess that day — bawling my eyes out, barely intelligible words, the works. She stayed on the phone with me for over an hour. Later that night, she came and picked me up and we rode around. She took me down backroads with a bag of miniature marshmallows for her and a bottle of water for me. We talked and listened to music. Halfway through the ride, I realized she had side swiped her mirror on an overgrown bush and it was barely hanging on.

We laughed forever about it as we tried to tape it back together. Over the course of a couple months, we spent more time together. She ended up coming over one night, and I laid on her chest as she played with my hair and I fell asleep. She was gone by 6am, headed into work. Around lunchtime, she called me to assure me she didn’t have feelings for me — something we both agreed we didn’t want to happen right now. I wasn’t sure how I felt.

On one hand, either she was scared I was falling for her and trying to keep me from falling OR she was falling herself and was trying to stop. Either way, I had my answer shortly after. She took a trip to Tennessee with some friends. I begrudgingly admitted to her I missed her, and she beat around the bush before she would say it back. I heavily hinted that I had feelings, but wouldn’t say it. She sent me a Snapchat saying she had a bad habit of falling for those she shouldn’t, and then finally admitted I was one of those. When she returned home, we were inseparable.

That’s been over a year ago and we haven’t spent more than 12 hours apart since then. We work together as partners on the ambulance, live together, and enjoy all of our activities in each other’s presence. On October 12th, she woke me up by placing an engagement ring on my pillow. Both of my hands were asleep and I couldn’t move properly. We both laughed. She kissed me and asked me to be her wife and we both cried as I said yes. I found my best friend and soulmate all in one person. Our romance has been a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

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