A Simply Elegant Wedding Day A Simply Elegant Wedding Day
Anna and Anna chose a simple palette for their wedding day decor. This white farmhouse/warehouse location was adorned with leaves and white linen –... A Simply Elegant Wedding Day

Anna and Anna chose a simple palette for their wedding day decor. This white farmhouse/warehouse location was adorned with leaves and white linen – that’s all – to make an elegant wedding that will take your breath away. I hope you enjoy their proposal story as much as the wedding day photos!

Question: Tell us a little bit about the proposal?

How do we summarize this day. A comedy of errors really.

I (Anna Ashton) had planned a “surprise weekend away” which I had managed to keep under wraps for about 6 months. However, the closer we got to the day, the closer Anna L came to sniffing something was up…she happens to have a great knack of guessing surprises then acting like she’s won the lottery which would drive anyone mad.

We arrived at our dear friend Kate’s vineyard on the morning of Aug 12 2016, I was half nervous half still suspicious she caught on to my planned out weekend. Kate was so excited that I had asked to propose at her property that she had come up with this grandiose idea of tying the packaged ring onto her foal Kara – Anna and Kara had formed a bond that only they could explain..and now let me clarify, Kara is this beautiful little thing, who believes she is more of a dog/ human than a horse.. So naturally, I laughed and agreed, as this would simply add a layer of entertainment which Anna would have never guessed was planned.

Upon our arrival, friends Peter and Janet took us down to the barn where an elaborate tasting was awaiting us. They proceeded to pop some bubbles and attempted to not give anything away. However, the awkward conversations and bubbles were a little less than what we were normally greeted with. By this stage though Anna L was a little confused as to whether or not it was actually happening. We sat in the barn trying to keep the conversation flowing while Kate rained in Kara and tied the rings to her halter. From a distance I could see a little bit of a struggle which luckily Anna L had her back to and was unbeknownst to it all. Luckily, Kate managed to miraculously get it on and waved to signal the ‘go ahead’.

I took her cue and suggested to Anna L we go for a walk to see Kara. As we walked up Pete grabbed my phone and started recording the events that were about to unfold. Kara was being her usual non-horse-like self, trotting up and down the fence line, neighing and rearing. We grabbed some carrot to lure her in. Once we had her, the ring box was in sight, Anna L started to tear up whilst I yanked and pulled on the box trying to get it off the harness, little to my knowledge Kate had done some sailors number on me. Once I managed to untie the box off Kara (who was not impressed), Anna L opened the box to reveal the ring and simultaneously replied “yes” to my question. We celebrated for a little bit longer with them then headed off to Madden’s Rise as our family and friends were awaiting our arrival. At this stage, the delay had caused us to be a couple hours late, leaving many to speculate Anna L to have replied “No”. That was not the case thankfully.

Equipment Rentals: Dj Warehouse
Design and Decor: The Supply Co
Caterer: Pot and Pan
Dress Designer: Dion Lee
Shoes: Proenza Schouler
Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood
Other Location: Air BnB
Ring Designer: Julia Deville
Transportation: Uber
Officiant: Gabrielle Christopher
Floral Designer: North St Botanical
Event Venue: Gather and Tailor
Photographer: Briars Atlas