A One-of-a-kind Wedding in Las Vegas! A One-of-a-kind Wedding in Las Vegas!
Read this touching story about a couple’s one-of-a-kind wedding in Las Vegas! (Yes, strippers are involved!) April 17, 2015: “Hi there. My partner and... A One-of-a-kind Wedding in Las Vegas!

Read this touching story about a couple’s one-of-a-kind wedding in Las Vegas! (Yes, strippers are involved!)

April 17, 2015: “Hi there. My partner and I are planning a wedding in Las Vegas for Jan 23 2016. We already have chosen our venue – the Verona suite at Westgate, but need help with everything else. We are very low key but want an elegant, tacky, shabby chic experience for about 100-150 ppl. Need to find someone asap. Thanks. Chris”Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230041_low

I called them immediately, and the first thing out of Chris’ mouth was , “Oh, hey, I was just going to send you another email… I forgot to mention, we want strippers, too.” Hmmmm… Elegant. Tacky. Shabby Chic. Chris told me about their business trip to Australia where they experienced the Strippers Perth had to offer and thought it would be a great idea to include some. Hmm. Strippers. I cannot say that this was the client I planned on when I started my wedding consulting business, but I was immediately intrigued. Our first phone call lasted nearly two hours, during which time I spoke to Chris, then Brian, then Brian and Chris on speaker, and back again. They told me their love story; how they met at a water fountain in the gym, traveled the world, built and sold companies, and loved each other through it all. Never having believed that they would have the right to marry, these two grooms wanted to celebrate their life and love in a place that felt like a second home to them; Las Vegas! Of course, they wanted the Las Vegas experience complete with some gambling. I suggested a casino theme, but it would be impossible to carry out any actual gambling due to licensing laws. They were very excited about the theme but were disappointed that they couldn’t gamble. They said they even knew online casinos seen on a site similar to Lennus (you can visit the website here) where guests who have never gambled before could get a feel for the games they would have had at their wedding. They weren’t sure on the theme, so I advised that they just encouraged guests to use one of the many online casino sites and gamble from on their smartphones. Sites like https://casino-bonus.me.uk/ can advise on the best sites with the best bonuses and that way everyone can have their own little play should they want to.Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230064_low

Having seen the world, Brian and Chris simply love Las Vegas; especially old Las Vegas. When searching for a venue, they wanted something that embodied the glitz, glamour, and Originally known as The International hotel, this venue really put Las Vegas on the mapwith performances by Peggy Lee and Barbara Streisand. Elvis Presley played 58 consecutive sold out shows, during which time he took residence in the very room we booked for the venue. To Brian and Chris, The Verona Suite encapsulates old school Las Vegas, giving guests a chance to walk through time.Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230113_low

With their two darling Chinese Crested sisters in tow, Brian and Chris spent the morning together, snacking, and talking and laughing before their parents and siblings arrived for an intimate exchanging of vows, witnessed only by their immediate family. While the couple posed for portraits, the finishing touches were placed in the suite. Chris asked that the entry be “set on fire” with candles, and to that end we brought in nearly a thousand that were set throughout the space. Another request was for a small garden of yellow daffodils, their favorites.As two grooms with a penchant for over the top displays and excess, we set 5 cakes around the pianist, who played contemporary love songs as guests entered.Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230136_low

To the left was a dedicated “Dog Room” where guests could spend time with Flora and Petunia, while also getting caricatures drawn by the crazy talented Jessica Wallace, otherwise known as The Girl Who Drew You.The great room was set with stations of food including an entire row of hibachi grills brought in from Benihana. Throughout the villa there were bars, dessert stations, waiters at the ready with trays of food, and passed wine. Not one need was overlooked or untended to.Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230197_low

The new Mr. & Mr. took to the mic to thank their family and friends; not only for their attendance at the wedding, but for the love and support they shared throughout their lives. It was very important to me that the guests who were coming to the reception still felt as if they were a part of the wedding. It quickly dawned on me that we could have our friends at Something New Films do a same day edit, which we them projected above the pool on the side of the building. We projected the film in black and white, with minimal editing and no sound for a reel the felt raw, emotional,and intimate. Brian and Chris wanted something progressive and irreverent for later in the evening; which is where the request for exotic dancers came in.Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230217_low

To ensure that the party stayed on point, and that nothing too naughty took place, Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito worked with a booking agent to secure 5 entertainers that came and danced at the party. Three stunning women, two beautiful men, and almost 200 ofthe best party guests anyone could ask for! The tongue-in-cheek dances were polite and respectful, riveting, and just a little bit sexy. Even the parents enjoyed them!McDonald’s burgers and fries were passed out as savory late night treats while cookies, petit fours, and cotton candy was spun on the side. Celebrations ran all through the night, and into the early morning. Now, I am not going to lie; on this evening I excused myself and said goodnight long before the last guest left as the couple were staying in the suite – it would have been weird for them to wake up and find me in their living room! But we connected the next day and have been touch nearly every week since to reminisce about the wedding, share GIFs, and comment on each other’s Facebook and Instagram pictures.Mancini_Sauls_Altf_Photography_1601230587_low

There are no words for how I love these men, their dogs, their families, and this wedding. A vintage villa, Benihana, strippers, and McDonald’s and naked little Chinese Crested puppies are not for everyone, but it was perfectly, beautifully, and romantically them. And I could not love them any more for entrusting their day with me. To the next 18, 28, and 80 years together!

Photographer: Altf Photography//Event Planner: Andrea Eppolito Events//Event Designer: Destinations by Design//Bakery: Peridot Sweets//Cinema and Video:Something New Films//Event Venue: The Westgate//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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