Lesbian Rooftop Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles Lesbian Rooftop Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles
Kate and Iyan had an incredible wedding and it was right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles! The Oviatt Penthouse is absolutely stunning,... Lesbian Rooftop Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

Kate and Iyan had an incredible wedding and it was right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles! The Oviatt Penthouse is absolutely stunning, it has a personality all of its own, and I love photographing weddings there. I was thrilled when Kate and Iyan decided to have their wedding at the Oviatt. I might have to check out some similar penthouses if I ever decide to get married. My other friend told me to go to Space Station? Or at least I think that is what she said, they have some amazing penthouses in London so I hear but I digress. The brides were absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out. And the DETAILS! Amazing… the flowers, centerpieces, and attention to detail is just amazing. Thank you, Kate and Iyan, for choosing me to document your wedding day! I am so honored to have been their photographer!chung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged4_low

From the Couple: “How did you two meet? Kate and I met at a friend’s birthday party in Anaheim 7 years ago. There was a lot of people who came, I remember the room being so crowded. I was busy talking to some people when for some unknown reason, I turned to the door and noticed her walked in. I glanced at her for a second and continued talking to my friends. I realized now that for a second, I was looking at my future.chung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged18_low

Who proposed? What was your proposal like? Kate proposed 2 days before the supreme court legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states. Talk about perfect timing! We didn’t feel right getting married while other same sex couples can’t. So, when she proposed, it was perfect for us.chung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged19_low

Why did you choose your venue(s)?I love the idea of an outdoor wedding in the city. I have an old soul and the Oviatt’s atmosphere feels perfect. The LOVE sign and the view of the buildings surrounding the venue sealed the deal.chung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged20_low

Are any of the details particularly special to you and why? The details of the venue? If so, yes, that would be the LOVE sign. Because it basically describes the reason why Kate and I got to where we are now. After a long journey together, through the good and bad, we made it through together because of our love for each other.chung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged25_low

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding day? Seeing Kate on her wedding dress, hearing our vows read in front of our family and friends. And of course, after a long long wait, we are finally getting married!chung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged35_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged38_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged40_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged41_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged42_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged48_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged54_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged56_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged57_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged59_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged61_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged62_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged64_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged65_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged67_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged73_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged80_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged105_lowchung_cabebe_derekchadphotography_08102016flagged112_low

Photographer: Derek Chad Photography//Dress Designer:BHLDN//Photo Booth Equipment:Duck Duck Booth //Officiant: Great Officiants//Bakery:Porto’s Bakery //Jewelry:Tiffany and Co.//Event Planner:Truly Yours Catering//Cinema and Video:Fond Productions//DJ:JJ the DJ//Floral Designer: My Wedding Blooms//Reception Venue: Oviatt Penthouse//Beauty: Studio MMB//

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