A Journey That Ends In Love A Journey That Ends In Love
Well, we actually met through a mutual friend who had been someone we both hung out with in high school but never officially met... A Journey That Ends In Love

Well, we actually met through a mutual friend who had been someone we both hung out with in high school but never officially met each other in school. Ian was a grade above me, and I had heard of him through our mutual friend, but nothing more than that. Neither of us had come out at that time so I think even if we had met, nothing would have happened between us anyway. I moved to Portland, Oregon after I graduated high school in 2012, so the chances of us even meeting got even small at that time.

In early 2013, I moved back to California and started working at my old job at Baskin Robbins, where on the same day both Ian and our mutual friend had both come in at different times. Later on, during my lunch break, I went on Instagram and saw that he had commented on one of my photos saying that he didn’t know that I had moved back to town. We talked for a little while and I had mentioned that our friend Jasmine had come into the store the same day, and we started talking about how we should all hang out soon. (By this time, we were both out, and currently in bad relationships) We originally planned to go to the Asparagus festival with a group of friends but in the end, we decided to stay in town and hang out at Ian’s parent’s house since they were out of town.

There were about 5 of us and we just hung out and drank together and had a good time. Ian and I talked all night together, sharing our current situations in our love lives. We had both been with someone who had cheated on us, but we continued to stay. He basically told me he was sad that I was in a situation like that and that he felt I deserved better, and I told him the same. I think that night we really connected because we had gone through similar experiences and knew how the other felt. (For reference my boyfriend at the time lived in San Diego for school, and I was planning to move down there that same month.) I had been told by numerous friends and family to leave him and not move down there but I was convinced I wanted to do it.

After talking with Ian, my mind was completely changed. At the time, I wasn’t falling for Ian, but I was looking at things differently and realized he was right. I did deserve better, so the next morning I talked to my bf and we broke things off. I felt so good about it afterward, and I texted Ian and told him. And he too was working on ending things with his boyfriend after our talk the night before.

We continued to talk every day, for what seemed like every second of every day. I felt so happy every time I received a text from him, it was a feeling I had not experienced in a long time. We started to hang out and even went on a date together. Things started to move very quickly between us, but I didn’t notice it. I was falling for him fast and it all seemed to make sense. I never doubted the way I felt about him because I knew it was real.

I didn’t know where life was taking us, but I knew as long as we were together, we could handle it. We went through a lot the first few years we were together, but if we didn’t go through it, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I love Ian more today than at any point in our relationship. We have seen each other grow and figure out who we are while working out all the kinks in the relationship throughout the 5 years we have been together.

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