A Cottage Wedding A Cottage Wedding
It all begin in July 2012, a simple hello from Joseph to Andrew on a dating website. After a few weeks of back and... A Cottage Wedding

It all begin in July 2012, a simple hello from Joseph to Andrew on a dating website. After a few weeks of back and forth emails and eventually text messages, we decided to meet in person for a casual dinner. That dinner was supposed to happen on the first Saturday night in August, however, Andrew cancelled. Joseph thought for sure he was just getting blown off, a case of cold feet for Andrew. 

You see we both were just coming out of bad relationships, Andrew a little over three months and Joseph around six months. Yet to Joseph’s most pleasant surprise, Andrew text him an apology and explanation, and Joseph eagerly gave him a second chance. Our first time meeting happened the upcoming Tuesday night at Clocked in Downtown Athens, GA. 

It truly was love at first site. We were inseparable. Almost immediately we became monogamous, totally committed to one another, rarely spending a night apart. We share many of the same interests and ideals. We were and still are totally comfortable with one another. Our birthdays are one day apart, Andrew May 14 and Joseph May 15, however, Joseph is twelve years Andrew’s senior.

The age difference does not matter to either one of us. All that we know is that we love each other and at the time wanted our families to meet the most amazing person we had ever met. From meeting the parents for the first time, to so many other firsts; the first time crying in front of one another, our first UGA football game together, the first Christmas, the first birthday celebration, and Andrew’s college graduation from UGA; our love grew stronger and deeper. We both knew that we were each other’s one.Joseph knew he had to pop the question, and on May 19, 2014 he did just that. He suggested to Andrew that we make a day of shopping and fun in Atlanta, GA, which included a ride on the SkyView Ferris Wheel. However, to keep Andrew from becoming suspicious, Joseph suggested a little shopping at Ikea then over to SkyView.

We both had already talked several times about taking a ride on SkyView. That was it, that was the perfect place to propose to Andrew, at the very top of SkyView while overlooking the Atlanta skyline. After the shopping trip to Ikea, we headed on over to SkyView. Anxious and nervous did not even compare to how Joseph felt. He was keeping the ring in the coin pocket of his jeans, constantly checking to make sure it was still there. Upon arrival at SkyView, the two were asked to empty their pockets and they were scanned with a metal detector for safety precautions. Joseph was freaking out, sweating bullets, how in the world was he going to remove the engagement ring from his pocket without Andrew seeing it. To this day, he cannot figure out how he did it, but he removed the ring and put it back in his pocket without Andrew noticing. 

We boarded the ferris wheel and slowly rode to the top. As we approached the top, Joseph pulled Andrew closer to him. There was no getting down on one knee, that pod was swaying and uneasy feeling. With the little old couple in the pod facing us looking on, Joseph asked Andrew to be his forever. With a yes and a kiss to seal the proposal, there was no looking back.On May 30, 2015, Andrew and Joseph made it official. It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a garden wedding with a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian bed and breakfast as our backdrop.

With our family and closest friends, we married in Asheville, NC, at A Bed of Roses Bed and Breakfast. Small and simple, yet intimate, it was exactly what we wanted. Andrew and Josephdressed in the same outfit of light gray suit pants and matching vests with a white dress shirt and light dusty pink tie. A boutonniere added just the right touch for both. A soft pink rose set against a delicate thistle. Our officiant, Jerry Conner, delivered beautiful vows of love and helped us “tie the knot” with the exchange of rings and hand fasting.Memories have been made and many more will be created. But we both hold fast to our love for one another, Me + You, You + Me, Always.

Venue: Zambra
Photographer: Brandy Angel Photography
Ceremony Location: A Bed of Roses
Restaurant: Zambra