5 Trends That Are Modernizing the Wedding Experience
Make your wedding your own with these tips by Molly Kang & Denise Jin, Co-Founders of Floravere.  Bridesmen & groomsmaids: We’re increasingly seeing couples assemble their bridal parties across gender lines so that each partner can incorporate those closest and most meaningful to them in their party regardless of their gender.... Read more
Simple Acts of Love
Simple Acts of Love is a book featuring 500 easy, everyday ways to show your partner how much you love them, keeping your relationship strong and happy whether you’re hoping to maintain the passion or reignite the spark, whether you’ve been together for five weeks, five months, or five years.... Read more
Calling Dr. Love
Brett and Nick met at Georgetown University while making their way through medical school. How did you two meet? Brett and I both moved out to DC (me from SD/NE, him from WA/WV) in 2013 to start med school. We technically met via email for the first time, because... Read more
The Gay Cupcake
Seattle business owner Jody Hall launched her bakery, Cupcake Royale, making it the first cupcake shop in the coffee-crazed city. Quickly, Cupcake Royale grew in popularity and not only became a mainstay of the Seattle food scene, but also of the local community. Jody felt it was important to give... Read more
In Sickness And In Health
Where do I even start with these two? First off – their love story is downright INCREDIBLE. Jackie and Nina met 3 years ago and the honeymoon phase of dating quickly crashed down on them when Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not deterred, Jackie stuck with Nina through... Read more