8 Reasons to Have a Mobile Bar at Your Wedding 8 Reasons to Have a Mobile Bar at Your Wedding
8 Reasons to Have a Mobile Bar at your Wedding Organising your wedding can be tough and juggling everything from the décor and the... 8 Reasons to Have a Mobile Bar at Your Wedding

8 Reasons to Have a Mobile Bar at your Wedding

Organising your wedding can be tough and juggling everything from the décor and the food to the flowers and the music is a feat for even the most organised of couples. But perhaps one of the most difficult decisions amongst all of this is picking the right venue, and more importantly for some, the bar.

Picking a venue is difficult because often the bar, bar staff and drinks are included, and nothing is worse than finding the most perfect venue and then realising the bar isn’t up to scratch. This is why recently many couples have been choosing to go the DIY route and hiring a mobile bar. Here we outline 8 reasons why you should hire a mobile bar for your wedding and offload a lot of that pre-wedding stress.

1. It’s Something Different

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, but it can be quite tricky when everything has been done a million times over. If you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding, we suggest trying a mobile bar which can be tailored to match your needs, from the colour of the bar to the drinks on the menu.

  1. It’s Perfect for Outdoor Weddings

Mobile bars are great for couples who decide to have an outdoor wedding because it not only allows for flexibility, it usually doesn’t require the complicated set up that traditional bars might bring. Companies like The Cocktail Service specialise in mobile bars which can be used outdoors, allowing for more space and avoids cramming all your guests under a marquee when the rush for the bar begins.

  1. They Can Fit Any Theme

Mobile bars are great for themed weddings, they can be designed to fit almost any theme making them the perfect choice for those who want their wedding to be a little different.

  1. Professional Bartenders

Having professional bartenders is one of the things that can make or break your night. When you hire a mobile bar for your wedding, you can usually guarantee that the bartenders that come with it are professional and will dazzle your guests with bartending skills that will leave them talking for weeks. If you are unsure about the training and knowledge of the bar staff, check if they have any qualifications in bar service, such as this rsa melbourne training certificate.

  1. No Bar, No Problem

For those who like a good drink, there’s nothing more upsetting that finding the perfect wedding venue and realising it doesn’t have a bar. A mobile bar changes the game, meaning that you can have your wedding wherever you want, and the drinks will still flow.

  1. Variety of Drinks

Traditional bars usually come with a limited drinks menu, especially if you’re on a budget. Mobile bar companies will often let you choose the drink you want to serve, giving you a bespoke menu, which can fit in with the theme of the wedding and the personality of its couple.

  1. Ice Bars

Have you ever thought about having an ice bar at your wedding? Not only can mobile bars fit your theme, they can become part of it. Perfect for those who want a little extra something.

  1. It Makes an Intimate Wedding feel Intimate

You will find that having a mobile bar at your wedding will make the whole experience much more intimate, making a small wedding feel that much more special. Personalised drinks menus and a themed bar can inject that extra bit of personality which will leave your guests remembering the reason why their there in the first place, to celebrate you.



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