5 Tips To Prepare For A Destination Wedding 5 Tips To Prepare For A Destination Wedding
There are two kinds of travelers. There are those who can pack at the very last minute, and those who need to pack ahead... 5 Tips To Prepare For A Destination Wedding

There are two kinds of travelers. There are those who can pack at the very last minute, and those who need to pack ahead of time with the help of a checklist. Some of us just thrive on spontaneity, while others rely on structure and planning.

But when it comes to packing for a destination wedding, there’s no such thing as “winging it.”

Chances are, as the couple who have made arrangements to have your nuptials in a dreamy location, you probably already have prepared a packing list for the entire wedding party, including essentials such as your marriage license, wedding bands, welcome gifts, along with the wedding attire, of course. However, the rest of your wedding guests might not be as organized with what they need to bring.

While sending a complete packing checklist to guests may be overboard, it doesn’t hurt to include some packing reminders on your wedding website.

For instance, one thing you’d need to remind your guests is to pack according to the weather. A lot of the time when people utter the words “destination wedding,” people assume the ceremony will be in some kind of tropical paradise, when it could really mean exchanging vows in a winter wonderland.

In addition to packing reminders, you could also include a short list of important items that they might not think of themselves. It’s helpful for the infrequent flyers, especially for those who haven’t traveled outside of the country if the wedding is international!

Thus, without further ado, here is a list often forgotten must-haves when traveling for a destination wedding:

  1. Sunblock

Whether it is a beach wedding or not, sunblock is an absolute must. It could be raining one day and sunny the next, who knows? Maybe it’ll be dreary for most of the time, but let it be known that sunburn still happens on cloudy days. And even if it will be a wintery wedding, let it be known that sun damage is also possible on the flight over. This is because the glass only blocks out the sunburning UVB rays, while UVA rays pass through, which are responsible for skin aging and cancer. So make sure your loved ones are vigilant with their sunblock!

  1. Anti-nausea or motion sickness meds

Though your guests are there to attend your wedding, it’s also a vacation for them, and you want them to start it off on the right foot. Going through airport security it stressful enough as it is, so the least you can do is suggest anti-nausea meds in case they feel sick on the plane. Meds like dramamine will also help you sleep through the flight since it has the drowsy effect, but that might not be ideal for short domestic flights. There are other non-medicated ways to ward off motion sickness, such as drinking ginger ale.

  1. Cell phone and all phone necessary phone accessories

A phone is a given, considering it’s vital for communication and whatnot. But forgetting to pack chargers, cables and other battery-related accessories happens more often than not. A phone with no charge cuts off access to communication, socials, and to the camera for wedding photos, so tell your guests to bring their chargers, power banks, as well as electrical adapters if necessary.

  1. Wedding outfit in your carryon

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do if your luggage is lost or didn’t make it on the plane with you. As a precaution for your guests, tell them it’s safer for them to pack their wedding essentials in their carryon bag. It’s also better for their outfits anyway, since they won’t get crushed with the rest of their items in their check-in suitcase.

  1. Various methods of payment

ATMs, forex counters and Apple Pay may not be readily available at the final destination. Credit cards are usually a safe bet, although just in case your guests run into any issues with their cards, tell them to bring cash as well. If they’re flying out of the country, or coming from an international destination, ask them to bring a traveler’s check, or exchange their money prior to their travels. After all, airports offer the worst rates for currency exchange.

Exclusively written for gayweddingsmag.com

By Leigh Roffe


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