4 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Has Style 4 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Has Style
Creating the perfect wedding day can be challenging, with lots of big decisions and budget-keeping to factor in. There are so many ways to... 4 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Has Style

Creating the perfect wedding day can be challenging, with lots of big decisions and budget-keeping to factor in. There are so many ways to plan a show stopping wedding on a budget while adding a personal touch to your special day. Whatever you have planned for your wedding day, take a look at these fun ways to make your special day extra special.

1. Unique wedding accessories

Image credit: Bridal Shower Co.

Your special day needs to be just that, special. To make your wedding day extra special you need to add a personal touch to let your personalities shine. For example, the groom can wear a custom name necklace with bride’s name or display a cute photo album of the couple’s journey for the guest to go through. There are lots of different ways to add flair to your big day, and often, it’s original personal touches that work.

Try DIY wedding accessories and decorations to get your guests talking. If you are feeling crafty then why not make your guests name tags yourself? Or wind fake Ivy around your balloon strings? There are so many ways to create the perfect stylish wedding day that everyone will love.

If you are not up for the DIY route (let’s face it, that’s a lot of handmade guest name tags), take a look at stores online that sell funky wedding accessories and decorations. Many stores like this, like Bridal Shower Co. make personalized gifts and wedding decorations to give your special day a touch of personality and style.

2. A theme to remember

A fast way to inject your wedding day with style is to come up with a fun theme for everyone to get involved in. Perhaps your significant other is a dapper 20’s fashion fan: it could be fun to set something like a Great Gatsby theme for everyone to get involved with. Or if you are getting married in a specific location, like the beach or a rooftop wedding, try to factor in a fun theme that works with your venue.

There are lots of ways to bring a theme to your wedding, without that alone stealing the show. You can brush off your DIY skills to add a specific theme to your wedding day.

3. Location, location, location

Whatever anyone says, the location of your wedding matters. For the special day itself and for the amazing memories you will capture on camera. Securing the right location for your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive; you can pick a location that means a lot to you and your special someone. Picking sentimental locations mean your wedding venue will hold a special story that you can tell to your guests.

4. Add a personal touch

Image credit: Wedding Favy

Celebrate your guests for supporting you and your other half, with unique wedding favors to give something back. Wedding favors are a great way to show the ones you love that you care and are grateful for their support.

Why not get your hands dirty and make the wedding favors yourself? There are hundreds of crafty ideas to give your guests a thoughtful gift. Maybe create unique photo coasters or painted plant pots with a succulent inside, to remind them of your wedding day.

If you’re not a dab hand at arts and crafts then you can still get your hands on personalized wedding favors for your guests online. Order something like a personalized deck of playing cards or lip balm from Wedding Favy. Or why not dish out some Hershey’s candy bars with personalized wrappers? Everyone loves chocolate, and once they’ve eaten it they can keep the wrapper as a nice memento from the wedding day. You can find these at Candy Wrapper Store along with many more personalised wedding favors.

Create the perfect wedding of your dreams with these fun tips. Try to think outside the box and create a wedding tailored to your specific style – whether that is dapper 20’s or boho chic. What tip will you incorporate into your special day?

By Hollie Jones

Hollie is a freelance writer and DIY enthusiast, who loves sharing her knowledge with others. She enjoys writing about crafts, interior designs and up-cycling on her blog, Hollie and The Ivy.