25 Year Love Story 25 Year Love Story
Shawn & Jon met in 1991 and went on their first date on April 10 of that year and have been a couple ever... 25 Year Love Story

Shawn & Jon met in 1991 and went on their first date on April 10 of that year and have been a couple ever since for 25 years………25 years!!! They knew they were going to be together till death do them part and to them and their family & friends they were considered “the old married couple”Hyatt_Haye_Bobbi_Brinkman_Photography_JonShawnBBP4120_low

They talked about getting married through the years, but decided that they wouldn’t, since it was not legally recognized in their home state of Georgia They never thought in their lifetime that they would LEGALLY be able to say I DO and actually become that “old married couple “Then came Jon’s birthday, in July 2015.Hyatt_Haye_Bobbi_Brinkman_Photography_JonShawnBBP4143_low

They went on a camping trip & Shawn gave Jon a large box wrapped in blue paper and it contained two white balloons. He told Jon they had to be popped with a silver pin that Shawn had given Jon. Jon popped #1, and out came a Happy Birthday message. He then popped balloon #2 and found a message, which asked, “Will you marry me on our 25th Anniversary”? Of course Jon said “Yes!! Absolutely”!! Immediately after, and in sync as usual, both said “we are doing this on Driftwood Beach, at Jekyll Island”.Hyatt_Haye_Bobbi_Brinkman_Photography_JonShawnBBP4155_low

Needless to say, these southern gents knew tying the knot with sand in their toes at one of their favorite places would be the perfect backdrop for this chapter of their story!So with the passage of marriage equality they knew that in 2016 when they celebrated 25 years it was going to be as Mr & Mr! They mentioned that this was actually the favorite moment for the from their wedding day, when the officiant said “I know pronounce you Mister and Mister you knot has now been tied” Hyatt_Haye_Bobbi_Brinkman_Photography_JonShawnBBP4207_low

Shawn & Jon beamed with smiles from ear to ear and tears of joy from them as well as their special guest that were so honored to witness their ceremony and embrace the long journey to equality that these two have walked and will help pave the way for others to be able to legally marry the loves of their lives!Hyatt_Haye_Bobbi_Brinkman_Photography_JonShawnBBP4332_low

During the wedding day photos they spoke of “how blessed they were to find each other and to be able to legally marry on their 25th anniversary with their toes in the sand and to be able to live happily ever after as husband” and knowing that LOVE IS LOVE and that it will always win made the day all that more special!”In 2017 we will have our 26th anniversary, 25 years of shacking up plus 1 year of marriage” These two amazing gentleman are a testament to ALL couples that it takes hard work, support, friendship and above all LOVE to maintain such a love story.