11 Ideas for Your Star Wars Wedding 11 Ideas for Your Star Wars Wedding
Your partner is the Solo to your Leia, and although your dreams may be to get married on the Millenium Falcon, that may be... 11 Ideas for Your Star Wars Wedding

Your partner is the Solo to your Leia, and although your dreams may be to get married on the Millenium Falcon, that may be difficult to make happen. With a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, you can bring your Star Wars wedding to life. And the great news is, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Try these eleven ideas to have the Force on your side when you say “I do!”

Star Wars Wedding


Squishy Treats: Grab your crew and get to crafting these adorable treats! With marshmallows and edible markers, you can have a subtle nod toward Star Wars at your dessert bar. (via Catch My Party)Star Wars WeddingThe Han Solo: Combine your two favorite things (good drinks and Star Wars) by having featured cocktails at your wedding! This foaming beverage will be the hit of the night. (via iDrink)

Star Wars Wedding
With the Force We Wed: Say forever and a day with custom-designed wedding bands. These are definitely for the diehard Star Wars fans! (via Paul Bierker)


Star Wars WeddingR2-D2, Meet Cards: Create your own cardholder by involving R2-D2 in the mix. While this craft is time consuming, you can reuse it for a recycling bin in your home. Your Star Wars wedding will be complete with this added feature! (via Tribesmaid Moffigy)

Star Wars WeddingLet the Force be Your Guide: Get creative with the staple items in your wedding. Having escort cards or a seating chart is important for the flow of your event – instead of numbering the tables, name them after characters in Star Wars! (Photo via Cacá Santoro)

Star Wars WeddingLight Your Way: Move over, sparkler sendoff! A light saber send off awaits you as you and your sweetheart float off into the galaxy. (Photo via Whitney Lee Photography)

Star Wars WeddingFlowers, There Must Be!: What would a Star Wars wedding be without Yoda? This boutonniere is as cute as they come! (Photo via Red, White, and Green Photography)

Star Wars WeddingBearer of the Good: Your flower girl or ring bearer will love playing dress up on your wedding day, but they’ll love it even more when they get an actual costume! (Photo via Justin Winokur)

Star Wars WeddingKeep it Cool, You Will: Kill two birds with one stone by giving guests a decked out Yoda coozie for their beverages. They’ll enjoy it the night of the wedding and for years to come. (via Etsy Shop “Odyssey Custom Designs”)


Star Wars WeddingStorm the Wedding: Storm Trooper escorts for your guests… need we say more? (via Cacá Santoro)

Star Wars WeddingThe Force Welcomes You: Bring a little Star Wars cheer to your wedding ceremony with this inviting sign. The Force will guide your guests to where they need to see you two join in love! (Photo via Katie Jackson Photography)


Which idea above do you think channels the Force the best for your wedding? We’d love to see your Star Wars weddings! Post in the comment box below!

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