10 Unexpected and Unique Wedding Venues 10 Unexpected and Unique Wedding Venues
10 Unexpected and Unique Wedding Venues

Many LGBTQ couples are choosing to make their wedding ceremonies as unique and as individual as they are! This can be done in a variety of ways, but if you are looking to tie the knot in at a small ceremony that will still make a big impact, read on to learn about our choices for the 10 best unexpected wedding venues that will keep it simple while still “wow”-ing everyone in attendance..

An app-based company that is seemingly gaining steam by the second, Uber has taken most major countries by storm and is gaining popularity by changing the way people think about using a taxi service. Not only will Uber pick you up after a night out on the town, Uber has recently added an additional service to its virtual repertoire – weddings.

Starting as a limited service in San Francisco, UBERweddings promises to pick you up, make your marriage official (with the help of the on-site notary) and hook you up with plenty of swag from their sponsored vendors. They promise to take you from arrival to “I Do” in no more than 60-minutes. How convenient!

Row Boat
For a couple that is not afraid of a little water, consider having your wedding in a rowboat. Not uncommon in Central Park, a rowboat wedding can be an intimate gathering that includes only the couple and the officiant, or rather can include an entire slew of people at a tie up. While this may seem like an unconventional way to tie the knot, the laid-back atmosphere makes for a magical ceremony and the pictures end up being absolutely stunning.

For a couple that is all about organic and loves the great outdoors, we can’t think of a better small, simple ceremony location than a cabin in the woods. Consider taking a look at national parks or forests in your area and see if they have a secluded space where you can say you vows in a charming part of the wilderness. For an added bonus, see if there are campgrounds nearby where you and your outdoorsy clan can have a rustic weekend getaway.

A Bed & Breakfast

Nothing says “quaint” quite like a little bed and breakfast. This intimate setting is the perfect possibility if you want to gather friends and family under one roof to celebrate your union. Because of their size, it’s easy to keep the number of people you invite to a manageable size, and just imagine saying your “I Do’s” against the backdrop of an old-fashioned B&B miles and miles away from hectic city life.

Coffee And Croissant On The Table For Breakfast


If you are known as the couple that is always on trend and in the middle of all the action, consider holding your ceremony and/or venue at one of the hottest new places to throw a fete – a rooftop in the middle of the city. While this venue still allows for a small and intimate gathering, as the sun goes down and the city lights come to life, the venue will remain effortlessly chic and cool. Just think of the beautiful pictures you will get back when you have your wedding against a beautiful urban skyline.


Hot Air Balloon

Nothing is more thrilling than saying “I Do,” except maybe saying it from thousands of feet up in the air. For the couple that isn’t afraid of heights and will appreciate the magical views, getting married in a hot air balloon is an excellent option. It will also make for stunning photographs – just remember, there isn’t much room in the basket for more than two!



If you are looking for a small ceremony that is still exciting and exotic, getting married on the side of a volcano in Hawaii is the way to go. These small affairs are conducted away from high-traffic visitor areas, making them intimate, secluded, and unforgettable. The islands offer many locations and views to choose from, just make sure you apply through the park service to everything is legitimate and safe!


Roller Coaster

What better metaphor for a marriage than a roller coaster? For high-intensity couples that aren’t afraid of a few twists or turns, getting married on a roller coaster will provide an unmatched experience. The New York, New York resort in Las Vegas offers ceremonies at 15-minute intervals at specific times during the week. If you have no problem getting married at 67-mph, this is the experience for you.



If you and your loved one are looking for a destination location that will make for a small and unforgettable ceremony, consider having your wedding at a medieval castle. England and Ireland have stunning and picturesque abandoned (and inhabitable) castles that make the perfect backdrop for your “I Do’s.” The castles are classic and timeless, just like your love for each other!



For the ultra-sporty couple, getting married while running a marathon is the perfect unique wedding ceremony option. Not only can you pick some great themed running gear to reflect your ultimate commitment to one another, finishing the race as a team is the perfect metaphor for how you will stick together for the rest of your lives. Just imagine all of the people cheering on you and your new bride or groom at the finish line!