10 Tips to Budget the Wedding of Your Dreams 10 Tips to Budget the Wedding of Your Dreams
These 10 tips to budget the wedding of your dreams should be the first thing you read with your fiancé after you decide to... 10 Tips to Budget the Wedding of Your Dreams

These 10 tips to budget the wedding of your dreams should be the first thing you read with your fiancé after you decide to tie the knot. Planning a wedding should be something you can enjoy with your partner. After all, you are planning the party that celebrates your union. Unfortunately, money woes can make the planning a nightmare and have you at the throat of the person you have proclaimed to love enough to spend the rest of your life with. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As long as you plan and put together a budget in advance, these troubles will never find their way to you. You may even spend some time before the wedding using different methods to increase your finances, such as looking into Bitcoin trading apps like Bitcoin Up, or other areas of the stock market to make sure you get the most money back on your investment, as well as putting more hours in at your full-time job.

There are other things that you can do too. For example, here are some budget tips to help keep you on the right path to happiness and your dream wedding.

1-Talk Money Early

Don’t put off the topic of money until a better time or when you are dreaming of the wedding. Once you get engaged and set the date, decide early on how much you have to spend. The tradition of the parents paying for the wedding is rarely practiced anymore. The burden of paying typically falls to the couple. Some couples dream of a big wedding and may have to find a way of getting a second income to afford their ideal wedding. However, not everyone has the time to get a second job or whatnot so some decide to buy google stock or invest in other stocks. Stocks are a pretty good way of generating another income without having to do much work or go to a second job. There are even industry professionals out there willing to invest for you.

2-Stick to the Budget

Be careful to avoid the temptation to splurge on one particular item on a whim. Before you begin your wedding shopping, decide how much you can spend on each item. Set a budget for attire, decorations, food, venue and so on. Then go shopping. If you overspend in one area, you must find a way to cut in another.


Be willing to compromise with your future spouse. If you have your heart set on a venue that is going to eat up a great deal of your budget, be prepared to give in other areas so your partner can have something that really appeals to them.

4-Get Thrifty

Check Craigslist and online yard sales to find used wedding décor. Things like candlesticks, archways, centerpieces and other items can all be found at steep discounts. You can certainly customize each of these items to match your wedding style.


Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding vendors for a discount if you are having your wedding in the off-season or are buying the bulk of your decorations or wedding attire from one vendor. Consider having your wedding on a Friday instead of a weekend for even better cost savings.


Clipping coupons is a perfect way to get what you want at a discount. Sign up for vendor newsletters, which often contain coupon codes and information about upcoming sales. Many vendors will give you a discount if you leave a positive review on Yelp or some other review site.

7-Get Hands On

Making the decorations, filling out your own invitations and printing up your own programs can save you a ton of money. But if you aren’t confident with getting everything just right it using professional Printing services might be the way to go. Some compromises have to be made there needs to be a balance. You and your partner are the only ones who can decide that. Make a list of all the things you want at your wedding and then decide which items you can make yourself. Enlist your friends or family to help you. Have a decoration-making party and have fun!

8-Get Cooking

You can save a small fortune on catering fees by asking people to give you a hand in the kitchen. There are plenty of items you can make a day or two before your wedding, pop them in the freezer and serve them at the reception. There are also cold rooms you can hire to store the food safely so that they are ready for the wedding reception and can be stored at a cheaper cost. Hiring a small waitstaff is much more affordable than hiring an entire catering service.

9-Go Outside

Using your parents’ backyard or the public park is one way to save a huge amount of money on venue space. Outdoor weddings can be pulled off year round in certain areas. Don’t skimp on shade tents and chairs!

10-Friendly Officiant

Ask a friend to officiate your wedding. Having a friendly face that knows you and your spouse is much more personal than a stranger you have only met once or twice. There are plenty of online programs that give a person the legal right to officiate a wedding. Offer to pay the fee for the program in exchange for the friend performing your wedding ceremony.

Your wedding can still be one that fulfills all of your dreams as well as your partner’s if you are willing to put in a little work and compromise. Don’t let a tight budget get in the way of your dream wedding.

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